Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whatever happened to our dining room?

My husband and I agree about most everything regarding our house.  We like the same kind of layout and we have the same taste in decorating.  One area in which we disagree is that of the formal dining room.  For years he has lamented the wasted space of our formal dining room.  It's true that we only use it 2 or 3 times a year, but I like having it to use that 2 or 3 times.  My husband has been threatening to turn our dining room into his hobby room. Remember the doll house incident?  I think it sat on our dining room table for a full year until we were getting ready for the next year's Christmas party!!  I think that was his way of easing me into the transition.  It didn't work!  I couldn't believe he was actually suggesting we turn the room right by the front door, open to the rest of our house into a messy hobby room.  Crazy!  So what does our dining room look like now?

Yikes!  How embarassing.  It's turned into sewing central!  My Granny told me the sewing machine I bought at Walmart is cheap and she encouraged me to consider that the final product is only as good as the tools used to make it.  My husband was in total agreement since he had to take my machine apart and fix it twice the first week!  When Granny told us how much a good machine costs, we were shocked.  Good thing my mom just happens to have a Bernina that she bought in Switzerland 35 years ago and is in pristine condition (she doesn't ever sew.)  It was serviced in 1983.  Works for me.

I'm going to try to organize my sewing dining room this weekend, but I have a feeling we may need to move to accomodate my new hobby.   If you sew, what do you do with all your stuff?  Do you have a sewing room?


  1. I have this tiny portion of the utility room that we "call" the sewing room, but the reality is I drag everything to the kitchen table to work on it. I bought a cart to easily move everything but i don't use it. My sister has a sweet craft room right when you walk in (I guess it is supposed to be a formal dining room) and with some cabinets from IKEA it really looks nice!

  2. i have my stuff in the sun room..along with two of the children and their stuff. i bring out my stuff and sew either in the living room or in the dining room. for major projects, we set up the big table in the middle of th eliving room and leave it until we're done!

  3. we turned one of our bedrooms into the family closet/sewing room. we have one boys room and one girls room. I'd reccomend keeping all your sewing stuff in the same room you plan to sew. otherwise you will end up with a room looking like its made out of fabric scraps. :)
    I'm so happy to see you sewing!!!!

  4. I have one closet that I keep all of my sewing material and stuff in and when I want to sew I bring out the sewing machine and set it up on the desk that I use for school in our front room and then put it away when I am done

  5. Yep, my dining room table looks like that when I sew. Today though it is covered in Lego’s. I wonder why we started eating on the couches...LOL.



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