Friday, September 16, 2011

Third time's a charm: Measle finally has her skirt!

I bought some fabric at Walmart the other day that came in a bundle of 2 one yard pieces of coordinating fabrics.  Of course, I bought three of these bundles since I have three little girls.  I was thinking that I'd make each of them a skirt.  So, I bought a pattern and started making Measle's skirt last night.  Unfortunately, when I put the elastic in I realized that I had made a mistake.  I only cut out one front/back piece and had sewn them together making a nice skinny skirt for my nice skinny girl.  When I realized my mistake I decided Measle's little sister really needed a skirt to coordinate with her sister (since it does barely fit her : ).  Then I set out this morning to make both the right and left sides of the front/back skirt in a size 8.  It looked like waaaay too much material, but I tried to trust in the system.  Let's just say that either I have skinny girls or my pattern runs REALLY big.  Measle's big sister graciously offered to adopt the "too big" skirt even though she really hates the fabric.  So I tried one last time, without a pattern, using the scraps of fabric from my two failures and FINALLY made Measle her skirt.  She is very appreciative.

Her shirt that I just bought her to wear with her new skirt is so big on her that maybe she just isn't a size 8, afterall. 

The too big and too small first and second tries.  We may just toss "too big" or I may put the ruffle on it I ever get around to it.  Of course, I'm itching to get started on my next project now.  Maybe leggings or a patchwork skirt?  Not sure.  It's going to be tough to spend all day at a swim meet tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have time to make something when I get back. 


  1. cute! i love following all of your sewing adventures; they always inspire me!

  2. Pattern size 8 and store bought size 8 are 2 different things! :) I'm impressed you used a pattern. I can't do that.

  3. Sewing patterns often run quite large. At least someone is sure to grow into it eventually!



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