Monday, September 13, 2010

The nesting continues and moves into the laundry room.

We've lived in this house 7 and a half years.  When we bought the house it had great bones, but needed a lot of cosmetic work.  We've just now worked our way to the laundry room- that part of our house that no one goes into, well, no one, but the dog and me.  Usually toward the end of my pregnancies I focus all my energy on the baby's nursery, but this time we left the bedrooms as they were so there was no nursery to fix-up.  As a result, my nesting instinct has moved to other parts of the house.  Our bedroom is getting a slight face-lift and our laundry room has finally gotten some attention.   We bought a new washing machine and I chose a cheerful wallpaper.

We have a small laundry room that's off a short hallway between our garage and schoolroom.  Across from the laundry room is our closet under the stairs which stores kids' clothes, jackets, backpacks, sporting goods equipment, and cleaning supplies.  Although our laundry room is small, it does have some custom cabinets above the washer and dryer that come in handy for storing spare bedding not normally in use.

The laundry room is also where our dog sleeps, so it has two obnoxious gates dividing his "room" from my domain.  And it has a pull-out ironing board, which I almost never use (wash and wear rules the day at our house.)  My modus operandi, because of our small laundry room, has always been to load up the one and only laundry basket with clothes from the dryer and carry the clean clothes into the living room where they get dumped onto the ottomon and proceed to cover my sofas and chairs until folded and put away.  I decided it was time for a change.  My goal was to find a way to fold or hang the clothes right out of the dryer and keep them in the laundry room until they get put away.  The living room has become such a hub for our homeschool that the clothes were getting in the way!

Big D installed a wonderful adjustable shelving unit for me today and I'm just thrilled with it!  I have four laundry baskets there currently- one for the master bedroom, one for Monk's room, one for Prince's room, and one for Twinkle Toes and Measle's bedroom.  The kids will just need to check each day for clean clothes and put them away.  (Queen is not yet responsible for putting her clothes away.)

I may decide to switch out these four large baskets for a greater number of smaller baskets at some point so that each child could have their own, but for now I like this system.  What do you think? 


  1. looks great! I keep asking for a label maker, but I think my DH knows that I will go psycho nesting on him if he caves in and gets me one... LOL.

  2. Beautiful! Love, love, love the wallpaper!

  3. What a nifty idea! The wallpaper is really pretty.

  4. First off, the wall paper is great--I wish I were that motivated!! :)

    Secondly, this new system sounds very similar to how I do laundry. We have a small basket for each child. It helps SO much to have the baskets to organize, and this system works great with my personality.

  5. I use a system somewhat like this. Each person (2 adults 6 children) has a square laundry basket with his/her name on it. The clothes that come out of the dryer are folded and sorted to each persons basket. Then each person takes his/her basket and puts away their clothes. Except the baby. We're still working on potty training. LOL

  6. I really like it! I wish I had room in my laundry room for the baskets but we just don't. Besides, I'm thinking about turning the only little counter out there into a changing table. It's right by the garage (toss diapers easily) and just collects junk now. Baby will be in our room with no room for a changing table. Of course, during the night I'll just change them on the bed! But during the day the laundry room would be nice. We'll see....
    But now I'm re-thinking folding everything in the living room. Especially after what happened today (see blog). Yikes.
    Know someone who folds everything on the dining room table, with hanging clothes on the backs of chairs and so everyone has to put their stuff away before supper. Hmm.



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