Saturday, September 25, 2010

And the nesting moves to the kitchen!

I found myself at Walmart at 5 am the other morning again.  This time stocking up for freezer cooking.  In the last few days I've put away 2 taco pasta bakes, 18 muffin tin meatloaves, 2 chicken spaghetti casseroles (my personal favorite), 2 recipes of creamy chicken breasts, 18 banana muffins, 18 oatmeal molasses chocolate chip muffins, 16 chicken squares (thanks mom), 1 breakfast casserole (thanks mom), and 5 cups pureed butternut squash.

Right now I have a delicious smelling butternut squash apple soup on the stove.  The curry is what makes it smell so good.

Any other suggestions for my freezer?  I still have some space and am looking for new ideas.  I have lots of eggs.  Maybe some kind of fritatta.  Do those freeze well?

Oh, and remember my finger injury from scrubbing the carpet?  Turns out I popped a tendon and have to wear this splint for 2 months!  I'm having a terrible time with it, but am grateful I don't have to have surgery.

No signs of labor, yet.  I'm eating lots of pineapple, drinking raspberry leaf tea, and walking every chance I get.  Maybe next week will be the week!

What's the rest of the family doing while I nest and wait expectantly?

Just hanging around.


  1. LOVE all the nesting cooking going on, I would love the recipes for some of them. You got me thinking though... I need to get moving and stock my freezer as well. Keep us posted on that baby of yours!!!!

  2. I'm still 10 weeks away from delivery myself, and I've alreadys started nesting! Cleaning out closests, storage, giving stuff away! It's going to be nice to be so organized when baby comes!



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