What is Quiverfull?

Being quiverfull to us means welcoming the children the Lord gives us, either through birth or adoption, as the blessings the Bible says they are.  We love our kids and thank God for the family He has made us into.  We do not practice birth control since doing so would be inconsistent with our belief that children are a blessing from God.  Who wouldn't want as many blessings as the Lord sees fit to give? 

If this topic is of interest to you, please read my journey to becoming quiverfull (as I didn't always think this way).  (This really is my journey, my husband's has been different, though he was probably never at either extreme.)
My Journey to Becoming Quiverfull Part I:  What is Quiverfull?

Part II:  Unlikely Beginnings

Part III:  Investigating Patriarchy

Part IV:  Back to the Bible

Part Va:  In response to the stewardship argument for family planning

Part Vb:  In answer to the argument for allowing birth control for Kingdom purposes

If you're interested in reading more, one of my favorite books on this topic is A Full Quiver by Rick and Jan Hess.  It's written with grace and wit.


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