Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Progress on all fronts!

I've been agonizing over the decision of whether or not I should be induced this time around.  I've never gone into labor on my own, so induction is all I know.  I was encouraged at yesterday's doctor's appointment that perhaps labor is not so far away.  I'm relieved and excited that it looks like I will not have to be induced this time!

I think labor must be near because I have this overwhelming instinct to cook and freeze mass amounts of food.  I awakened at 4 am yesterday and was shopping at Walmart at 5 am again.  This is starting to become a weird habit.  I made two batches of homemade rolls yesterday and turned the majority of them into hot ham and chili sauce buns to go in the freezer for kids' lunches.  I also bought lots of groceries to be made into meals that will go in the freezer.  I have my work cut out for me today!

On other fronts, Big D spent his entire day off yesterday doing honey-do projects.  He replaced two shower valves, one shower head (for the girls), unstopped a bathtub drain, fixed our living room curtains, and started painting our kitchen cabinets.  Wow, what a productive day!


After- I love it!
I do have a bit of bad news.  My recent cleaning frenzy ended badly the other night.  I was trying to get a red nail polish stain out of my girls carpet (Queen decided to paint her toe nails in her sisters' room) when I heard a loud "pop".  I've done something to my left middle finger.  It no longer lines up with the other fingers and I can't straighten it.  I guess I'll try to see a doctor about that- soon.  Oh well, at least I got the nail polish stain out of the carpet.  And if you know a super-easy way of removing nail polish from carpet, now's not the time to tell me. 


  1. Now that was my kind of day! I love days where I get so much done.

    Please share your hot ham and chili sauce recipe and the bun recipe also!

    I was induced with 3 of my 5....all three times, I was already 5 cm dilated when I was induced, so it just took a little touch of pitocin, and I was on my way! The last two labors were so fast! Since we live 25 minutes from the hospital, and since I progress so fast (5-10 in usually 15 minutes or so), my dr. opted to induce the last 2 times once I got between 4 and 5 cm at checkups...

    I hope you go into labor on your own, but if you do get induced, I hope it goes well!

  2. Don't agonize too much about induction, you're not even due until next month! I don't know your history of why you have been induced every other time, but unless there is a medical problem or other extreme circumstance then I personally would just say no to being induced, you don't HAVE to be. And there are risks to being induced as well. Do you tend to go past your "due date"?




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