Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 Moms Storage Solutions Link-up

It seems like with every child our stuff has increased exponentially.  I'm constantly looking for ways to streamline the storage of all our things.  Here are a few of our systems that seem to be working:

Kids Toys

We keep most of our children's toys in baskets.  Ideally they will be sorted into baskets by theme, for instance blocks in one baskets, cars in another, paper dolls in their own basket, etc.  They don't always stay as sorted as I'd like, though.

Upstairs playroom

Arts and crafts area against the wall

Sorted legos in our arts and crafts area

Baskets of toddler toys in Queen's room

Homeschool resources

This year's Sonlight books, Measle's easier readers, Prince's FIAR, among others

Homeschool materials not currently in use

For my preschoolers

One drawer for each school-age child

Coats, backpacks, hats, and gloves

I would love to have a real live mud room someday, but untill then we store outerwear wherever we can.

Bottom of coat closet

Closet under the stairs- 7 hooks always full!

Several of the kids also have coat trees in their rooms.  On a bad day, one might find this...

...though I do try to discourage it.  When I catch it, I usually tell the girls to pick out their favorite 3 or 4 jackets and to put the rest in a pile for either passing on to Queen or giving away.

Kids clothes

I have a hard time letting go of my kids' clothes.  I recently purged and re-organized, but I still keep clothes for years. 

Our closet under the stairs is the main storage location for hand-me-down clothes, but I also keep the next size up in the kids' closets.

Baby girl clothes and others we won't be needing for the foreseeable future.

Shoes and boots

Clothes that will be used over the next few years. (Those less than a year off are stored in the kids' closets.)

Books have been a bit of a problem around here lately, so I'm working on a post devoted to book purging and re-organization.  I've also got to tackle my storage room one of these days, but not today : ).

Don't forget to check out the 4 Moms storage solutions!


  1. I just LOVE your playroom! Beautiful!! So clean!!

  2. Don't worry, it's not usually so clean! Most of the time I dread going upstairs to the kid-zone. The kids do pick up toys at the end of each day, but we don't vacuum up there until we have company on the way.


  3. Gorgeous playroom! Ours in a very similar room, but we have a banister instead of a partial wall. I also need a hutch like that!!! I bought cheap open bookcases from WM, which look fine, but hide nothing! I am thinking about running off to go take updated pics of our space, as we have changed things just in the last month! (again :/ it's year 2 for us and we are still working it all out).

  4. I love it all.I am expecting baby number six in December.I have been in the process of organizing,and decluttering.I have a room upstairs like yours.What you have done is exactly what I have been thinking of.Now I have something to show my Husband.Thanks it is all beautiful.Blessings ,marla

  5. I love the toy area, are those space savor bags. we always tear ours

  6. Oh, a post close to my heart! I am a professional organizer who specializes in working with moms with littles ones at home, and I must say your playroom looks spectacular! So many clever, stylish storage solutions! I blog about organizing for moms, so maybe I can link to your blog sometime.

  7. I love love love the arts and craft area, the pencil holder is awesome!!!

  8. What a great space for creative the baskets and the cubby unit, love the long counter top low to suit a child's size and the adorable mini pails to hold all kinds of art supplies!

    The vacuum bags...they are great for when we travel on vacations. It REALLY helps condense 9 peoples clothing for one-two weeks! What a great invention ~ had to be someone storage minded. ;-)

    Blessings ~

    P.S. I'm looking forward to your book purging a homeschooler, books sure do accumulate and are so hard to release (at least for me). ;-)

  9. I love your play room. I noticed you have what looks like a half wall with built in shelves along it. Do you have stairs on the other side of that wall? We have the same sort of thing and wrestle with the idea of placing any furniture next to it (even shelves like you have) because we fear kiddos will climb up and fall over. Has that ever been an issue?

  10. Jan- We do have stairs on the other side. We designed and built the upstairs addition and my husband wanted it to be "open" to below with wrought iron spindles or some such. I actually worried more about that inviting daredevil behavior. We've never had an issue with anyone climbing on top of the built-in shelf, which my husband designed and built to my specifications, by the way. But, now that you mention it, I'll be sure to watch that more carefully. Thank you for the heads up.




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