Monday, September 20, 2010

Our evolving bulletin board

My girls really wanted a bulletin board this year and we're having so much fun with it!

The first four weeks we displayed a map of Native American America and a timeline dating from 1492 and continuing through early American exploration by the Spaniards.  We've moved onto new times and events in our reading so we thought we'd update our bulletin board.  Here's what it looks like now:

We now have our map of US territorial growth, but are especially interested in the smaller map of the original 13 colonies.  Our timeline now dates from the establishment of Jamestown colony in 1607 through the Boston tea party in 1773. 

I thought these were a neat addition, too.  I found a set of state fact cards at Target for 50 cents!  Each state featured on our bulletin board is the setting for one of the books we just finished or are currently reading. 

Our bulletin board doesn't take the place of our more detailed Sonlight timeline in book format or of our daily map work, but it's a handy reference to have out all the time.  And the girls think it's fun.  Do you use a bulletin board? 


  1. Love it!We used t o do one,until it broke.I reaaly need to get a new one!Great job!Blessings,Marla

  2. Looks cool, so it's a 'what we are currently studying board' rather than a 'notice board' which I thought you meant initially.

  3. We did a bulletin board in our early homeschool years, and I would probably continue, but we are cramped for space and have nowhere to hang one! Yours looks fun, though!

  4. I love those state flash cards...was it a clearance price or a regular thing?? I think the price sounds too good to just be 'regular'!! What a neat board! :) I'm so not there or capable of doing a board like this. I just can't get that focused. (Wonder

  5. Steph- it was in their dollar section and half-off. They had tons of flash cards on sale- addition, subtraction, multiplication, phonetics, etc. I just got there at the right time!




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