Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first pajama pants!

I really do have something to share other than sewing projects.  I started the 90 day Bible challenge again at the beginning of the month and have lots of thoughts I want to blog about.  But first I want to show you my first pair of pajama pants.  I was going to try a skirt next, but JoAnn's had a big sale over Labor Day weekend and flannel was 50% off.  Since I didn't think my girls would appreciate flannel skirts, I bought enough flannel to make 6 pairs of pajama pants!  My Granny had some patterns, so I didn't have to buy those and given the sale price I only paid about $5 for the material for each set.  The girls did suggest I start with Monk's.  They figured that way I might actually know what I'm doing by the time I get to theirs!  Smart girls. 

I made so many mistakes, but the biggest was sewing up my elastic casing before running my elastic through.  I know.  Duh.  I have an earned PhD in a lab science, but I can be really stupid.  The end result is far from perfect, but my sweet son is so appreciative.  He says they're his favorite pajama pants.  I think they're his only pajama pants, but he says they're really comfortable and that he doesn't notice any mistakes.  Again, don't look too close.

I have to say, I'm pleased with the results.  I can't believe they look as good as they do given my many mistakes.  I think I spent as much time pulling stitches on this project as sewing! 


  1. A PhD in lab science? Really?? Oh man. I suck at labs. :) I remember this one college chemistry lab where we were supposed to extract caffeine from a tea bag. My partner and I failed miserably. We did not obtain even close to the desired amount. And another one where we walked in and there were samples of carpet we were supposed to do "stain tests" on (our professor held a patent for dupont carpets). That one was weird. Or long before that in high school physics class I somehow ended up with a 120% efficient machine. (Just give me some math problems, and leave the lab stuff out, ok?) Anyway...I wanted to come on to say you are doing GREAT at your sewing projects. Today pj's...tomorrow maybe diapers?? :)

  2. That's the plan, Steph! I'm already looking into simple patterns. I hear pul is a pain to work with and I have an ultra-cheap machine. I have nothing to lose, though.


  3. I always buy my kids matching pajamas for Christmas......I could MAKE them matching pajama pants this year.....hmmmmm...

    They look great!

    And of course you could make the tshirt dresses. Easy Peasy!



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