Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two more pillowcase dresses and ready to move on.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this.  Yesterday when I started pillowcase dress number 2, also with an old pillowcase stuffed in our laundry room cabinet, I must have been thinking I knew what I was doing.  Why?  Because I promptly made a really stupid mistake.  In sewing ribbon across the bottom of the case, I sewed the two sides together.  Duh.  I spent about an hour trying to correct that mistake and ended up sewing the ribbon right over the top of my mistake so hopefully it doesn't show.


My model is sick today, so this will have to do.  I'll try to get some pictures with her in her new dresses when she feels better.  I think I did better than with the first one, but it still shouts "pillowcase" to me.  I really wanted to make a pillowcase dress that doesn't look like a pillowcase dress. 

My mom dug through her linen closet and gave me an unopened package of ruffled gingham pillowcases.  Perfect!  I also decided I didn't like using ribbon for straps.  It just looks kind of unfinished or something.  So this time I doubled my bias tape and extended the armhole reinforcements for ties.  I think it looks almost like a store-bought dress.  (The pinnacle of praise : ).

What do you think?  Am I ready to move on to a real-live pattern?  What's easiest to start with?  A skirt?  That's what I'm thinking looks pretty simple.  I thought I'd buy some lightweight corduroy and try a skirt for Measle.  What else is simple for beginners to make? 


  1. Oh, I really like that gingham one! I wish my girls were still little. At 15 and 17 it is kind of hard to fit them into pillowcase dresses.

    Have a blessed holiday weekend!

  2. the first thing i sewed was an apron. the dresses look great!

  3. this is so great celee!!!! if you are ready for a pattern, order them from marie madeline studio! not only do they have amazing fabric, but their patterns are very easy to follow!

    plus it is a family business with a mother and her 4 daughters, i always love to support those!!!

  4. FABULOUS!! I can't tell you how many mistakes I make even still...after sewing forever it seems!! Great job Celee!!

  5. Well, those are so cute! The girls and I are making Leah t shirt dresses. We bought long sleeved t shirts and matching leggings. I used the instructions on Cool People Sew blog. We hope to finish them this afternoon.

    Our next sewing project will be long swirly skirts for Olivia and Julie.

    I haven't forgotten about your sibling question. I will answer soon! :)



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