Sunday, September 11, 2011

Because I just had to share.

I never ever ever EVER in a million years thought I would take a picture of my three girls in clothes that I made.  I can't believe I sewed two skirts and a t-shirt dress yesterday.  I actually finished Measle's this morning.  What fun to make clothes for your little girls!  And they are so sweet!  They don't complain and say they'd rather wear something else.  They wear them with pride.  What a blessing these daughters are to me! 

I think I may need a skirt, too.  What do you think?

These boys are pretty fun, too : ).  Nana bought Calvin a new outfit so Prince decided to dress in a button down shirt, too.  I was trying and trying to get Calvin to smile for the camera with mixed results.  When his big brother dropped down on the floor next to him, Calvin's face immediately lit up in this big grin.  True brotherly love!


  1. They look so sweet! It's as great feeling isn't it

  2. The garments look great! I especially love how you put together your oldest's skirt. You're right, it is a wonderful feeling to see your children in clothing you've made especially for them. I crochet, and whenever my oldest sees me pulling out my yarn stash she asks, "Is this for me?"



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