Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day fun at the ranch: or millions of pictures of Calvin.

The new, old piano.  It's a Kimball from the '30's, I think.

Mr. Monk playing The Gathering Fields.

Chow time.  Nana always makes delicious food for us.  We contributed a home grown canteloupe and homemade pickles.

Nana with Calvin.

Can you believe those are all my kids?  We fill up a train!

Prince is so cute and notice Nana's little orchard in the background. 

Love her in those big red boots!

Lucie loves chocolate.  She had this piece hidden in her pocket all afternoon.

I had just cleaned her up and she whipped out another piece of chocolate!

My sweet Granny holding Calvin. 

New sign at Old Home Draw, where Charles Goodnight first led his longhorn cattle down into Palo Duro Canyon. 
We're in a terrible drought so you see why we're praying for rain!

View on the way to the lookout point.

New sign at the Lookout Point.

And this is why it's called the Lookout Point!

Calvin finally crashed around 3:30.  Poor guy!

Weary hikers returning from their adventure.

Can you believe my 2 yr old hiked to the end of that promontory?

All the way to the edge of that rock in the center of this picture.  The one with nothing underneath it.  Must have been the chocolate.  Or maybe she had a little help from her Nana : ).

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