Thursday, September 1, 2011

Because I know you're dying to see my almost, completely finished napkins.

Six down, two to go.  The directions in Stitch by Stitch were for four napkins.  Ha!  Four napkins?  That only covers half of my family, so I doubled the amount of fabric.  Remember how I was going to practice on the remnants then use the good stuff for our real napkins?  I've decided I rather like the ecclectic style.  Yes, I'm sick of doing napkins.  I've learned that I don't like doing things slowly and carefully.  (And I was just speaking with Measle about that today.  Now I know where she gets it.)

So here are our almost, completely finished remnant napkins.

They really are easy and I would have finished earlier today if it weren't for... well, life.  You know, babies, dinner, swim practice, stuff like that.

After cutting the fabric into 19 inch squares, I finished the edges by using a zig zag stitch along the edge.  This is supposed to prevent the ends from fraying in the wash.  Next, I used starch and an iron (wow, this thing hasn't seen action in YEARS!), to fold in each corner and then fold up the sides so that each side meets the next at a 45 degree angle, or in my case approximately 45 degree angle.

Then I went back to the sewing machine and top stitched the four sides of the napkins.  And though some of my top stitches may look like drunk driving, I assure you I was quite sober.  My back may have been aching, my hands shaking, and my eyes crossing, but I was sober.  Hmmm.  I just thought of something.  Never mind.  I'll get the hang of it with time.  I am desperate to move onto another project, though.  Is it possible to have both OCD and ADHD at the same time?  Don't answer that.  I can tell it's time for me to go to bed.  So good night.

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