Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We ate take-out.

I've been crazy busy this week.  I mean 5 hrs-sleep-at-night busy (I prefer closer to 7).  But my Granny, my 87 year old crafty, sewing Granny, called me yesterday afternoon and said she had some fabric scraps for me.  These were no ordinary leftovers, but cute fabrics with lots of potential.  I really didn't have time to do anything with them.  I needed to drop Monk off at swimming, then pick him up.  I needed to make dinner.  I needed to get the house ready for Bible study.  But, I just couldn't help myself.

And apparently, neither could she.  As soon as the new dress went over her shoulders, Queen began to dance.  Notice her toes.  She's quite an expressive dancer, no?

So, how did I get it all done?  We ate take-out.


  1. So cute!! When we did our remodel project recently, take out + paper plates was a must. :)

  2. nothing wrong with take out! and she's such a cute dancer!



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