Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Lately, I've been inspired.

Twinkle Toes' first crocheted scarf with crocheted flowers.  She made it for Measle, who picked the colors.

Inspired by my girls and their awesome creativity.

Have I got creative girls, or what?  These are Measle's knit knee pads.

Twinkle Toes is crocheting articles for everyone in the family.  Queen loves her hat!

We were so excited that we dragged her out of bed when her sister finished it.

Inspired to make stuff, like soap. 

Inspired to be more than practical.

Inspired to be creative.

These samples are from two batches, one colored with cinnamon and chunks from that batch added to the next at trace.

Inspired to sew?!

I've made several trips to the bookstore with my girls looking for knitting and crochet books for them.  I think I first spied this book on my anniversary trip to the bookstore (it's an annual tradition.)  If you know me, you know each new obsession has to start with a book!  Anyway, this book is called Stitch by Stitch and it slowly introduces you to sewing one mini-project at a time.  I bought a machine on Sunday and the kids and I got cozy in the living room and watched the DVD about a dozen times, pausing as needed.  Finally, last night after Bible study, while Big D and the kids were still at his mom's house, I took the plunge and threaded the bobbin and machine!  Here's hoping that's the hard part!  So far, I've only sewn a stitch sampler and practiced curved lines.  Next up is applique and then cloth napkins.  If you sew, how did you get started?  Did you start out as a complete beginner, like me?  (I kept thinking, that's the back of the machine, as I watched the introductory DVD.)  What helped you turn the corner?  I'm very non-mechanical, if that's a word.

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