Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1- Lots of tweaking to do...

This is why we started a couple of weeks early.  I knew there would be some trial and error, so tomorrow we'll do a few things differently.

1.  Bible-  This is the first year we've attempted two Sonlight Cores.  I love the Bible, but I felt like I was reading different passages of the Bible to different kids all morning.  (All of us at 7 then just Measle at 8 then Monk and Twinkle Toes at 9:30).  We have to streamline Bible.  Previously, we've done Bible together, but now the kids have different assignments.  I think we'll continue our catechism, character training, and prayer together, but have the kids do their own Sonlight Bible reading independently each morning.  There was some dead time this morning while some kids were showering and others weren't.  Tomorrow we'll try independent Bible reading until everyone is showered and gathered in the living room for corporate devotions and prayer at 7.  That will save me a lot of time later in the morning plus help the kids establish the good habit of starting each day in God's Word- on their own.

2.  More on Bible-  I had decided Monk and Twinkle Toes would work through Sonlight's Core F Bible program, Remembering God's Awesome Acts by Susan Mortimer.  When I started reading through the teacher's guide and student notebooks last night, I was really confused.  It took me a long time to figure out what we were supposed to do and I hadn't realized it involved art and creative writing, etc.  It's really not what I was looking for in a Bible curriculum at all, plus it completely overwhelmed me.   It just so happens, though, since I'm reviewing for TOS this year, that I received a wonderful Bible curriculum a week or so ago that fits perfectly with what we're studying this year!  The emphasis is on forming Christ-like habits and each lesson introduces a new area or group of people with emphasis on world missions through prayer (review upcoming).  Do you think the Lord is trying to teach us something this year?  First Operation World, then Sonlight's Core F Eastern Hemisphere including biographies like Torches of Joy and praying through the 100 Gateway Cities, and now this Bible curriculum?  I think God is trying to touch our hearts for the lost around the world.  And I'm really excited about it!

3.  Everything else went pretty well.  I'd read some horror stories about the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer pack and the kids had no problem with that- so far : ). 

I had blocked an hour and a half for Measle's Core B and we spent about 35 minutes on it today.  I've heard it starts light and gets more time consuming as the year goes on.  Perhaps we should allow for an hour.

4.  We haven't added math and science, yet, so we have that to look forward to : ).

5.  I couldn't believe my ears.  Monk must have said four or five times today how glad he was that we started school and how much he disliked summer!  We all thrive on schedules and the kids did great- no one complained one bit.  The little kids were at loose ends and I did have to pick a big piece of orange out of Calvin's mouth as I explained to his two year old sister that she just couldn't feed him her Cutie- even if he did seem to want it.

The kids had lots of free time today.  Monk mowed the lawn, practiced piano, played DS, etc.  The girls played school with their younger siblings, tried out some new knitting patterns in a book that arrived today, played outside, practiced music, and even watched a movie with their dad tonight.  We'll see how it goes after adding math and science.  Hopefully everyone will still be loving school!  Tomorrow is take two.

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  1. I tend to get excited when various pieces start to fall into place. Enjoy this time of focusing on unreached peoples. May your family gain a heart and clear vision for your part in God's work around the world.

    Glad everyone is enjoying school--and that your tweaks are falling into place so well. Looking forward to reading more [smile].




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