Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who needs Home Ec.?

Actually, I do.  What I mean to say is that without any formal classes or instruction, my girls are amazing me with their skills- and with their desire to learn more!  I bought the girls this book of knitting projects for kids that I saw on Ann Voskamp's blog a few weeks ago. 

Measle knit two bows today!  Aren't they cute? 

As soon as the girls finished their school work today we went to a local craft store so Measle could buy more yarn (she's currently working on a hot pink scarf for her little sister), and Twinkle Toes decided she wants to learn to crochet.  Twinkle Toes was SO excited when she saw that her learn-to-crochet kit includes instructions for lefties!  She was crocheting in no time.  I think she's making a dish rag.  I need lots of them, especially now that I'm trying to do without paper towels!

And on the cooking front, Twinkle Toes "helped" Queen (2) make apple bread for her Learn your Letters, Learn to Serve week "A" service project.  Actually, Twinkle Toes did all the work and Queen got a little distracted by a slice of Daddy's yummy garden cantaloupe.


My sweet girls are such a blessing to me!  They're already light years ahead of where I was at their age!  I don't think I so much as peeled a banana until college!  I'm making up for it now : ).


  1. SOoooo cute! I love those bows! I totally agree with you. It is so neat to see our little girls far surpass us in the home-ec realm. I am so glad Ireland is picking up all those fun things that I never got to (or wasn't interested in).

  2. Where did you get this book? Kara knows how to crochet and loves it, but also wants to learn how to knit. I can knit, but can only teach her a little. This book would be so valuable to us.

  3. My children did much of the same only with crocheting. I was amazed how quickly they learned and begin to create.
    Will you be doing the bible study CBS this fall. I am looking forward to it and hope to get to know you more..



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