Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3- Starting to get into the groove of things.

Yesterday went much better.  Today was even better still.  Not only have we implemented the changes in Bible, which have been helpful, but we now have two days of science under our belts.  I was hoping that easing back into our school routine would make for a more successful transition.  The kids have done really well, but every time I turn around one of them is asking me, "Am I done?"  By the end of school today, I'm exhausted from running down a mental checklist a dozen times per student!  So, I borrowed an idea from Roan at Joyful Always and laminated checklists for the kids.  Hopefully, this will help our days run more smoothly.

I didn't include every subject on each student's list, just the subjects they complete on their own each day.  I even made a checklist for myself!

And no, mine is not a comprehensive list, either.  Wouldn't it be nice if this were all I had to do each day?  No interruptions like breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, etc. etc. : ).  I usually read to Prince and Queen each day, as well, but it isn't technically part of our school day.  I bought some wet-erase markers so the kids can check off their independent subjects as they complete them. 

I always hesitate to publish a schedule, because inevitably as soon as I do, it changes.  Here goes:

6:30 Wake up kids.  They read their Bibles, shower, dress, and make beds.  Ideally.
7:00 Breakfast
7:30 Morning devotions- Prayer (Operation World) and character training (currently IBLP Diligence booklet).
8:00 Read-aloud Sonlight Core B World History part 1 (Meanwhile, Monk and Twinkle Toes are working on their independent subjects like math, reading, and Language Arts.)
9:30 Read-aloud Sonlight Core F Eastern Hemisphere (Meanwhile Measle is doing her math, reading, and Language Arts.  And Queen (2) is doing things like stamping her sister's American Girl Bitty Baby doll with permanent ink.  Just tryin' to be real : ).
11:00 Science
11:30 Sequential Spelling
11:40 Lunch

At this point, I'm finished with my role in the homeschooling process.  The kids continue working until they complete their work.  It looks like Measle is going to get finished by 1:30 or so and Monk and Twinkle Toes will probably (not sure since they haven't started math, yet) finish around 2:30 or 3.  Nana gets the kids to practice music each afternoon and swim team will start at 5:15 for the next couple of months leaving the kids an hour and a half or so of free time each afternoon.   

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