Friday, August 12, 2011

Supersize Me- Car Edition

Three and a half years ago, Big D and I bought a new car.  It was an absolutely fabulous car, much like the one I'd driven before... with one exception.  For the previous 7 years I had driven a GMC Yukon with both middle and third row bench seats, bringing the total seating capacity to 8.  Three years ago, Big D decided we needed to go with the second row captain's chairs configuration in the GMC Yukon XL we were buying, meaning it would be a roomier vehicle but only seat 7.  I was expecting our fifth child at the time and you know how that goes, we thought surely at our age she would be our last one.  We were delighted with Calvin's arrival two years later, but unfortunately it meant we were short one seat.  That is, until now...

Thanks to Little Seats we now have a fourth row bench seat that adds room for two to three more (two with boosters, three if you have three tiny 8 yr olds who have graduated from booster seats, which we don't).

What do you think?  They do a good job of matching the seats you already have.  You just select the make and model of your car along with the upholstery choices- leather or vinyl, and color.

Prince (5) and Queen (2) have been assigned to our new fourth row.  I help them in and out from the back.  The seat is off-set to make getting in and out easier.

The view from the rear.  It almost looks like an airplane, doesn't it?  I love it!

I know this doesn't exactly go along with "going green", but we do have to be able to transport our family.  And now we can!

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  1. Celee, this is the first year that we have really put up pickles. I used the Wages Mix and they turned out good. The large batch I made using real ingredients turned out very salty. I am hoping just the one jar that I opened was a fluke...but I think I canned about 15 or so of those! Sigh! It's all a learning process. I canned a batch of tomato soup base yesterday and had to re-process 6 jars and one of them never sealed at all! A giant experiment for sure!



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