Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tame the paper monster? 4 Moms Discuss Large Family Logistics

Paper monster?  Is she talking to me?

Oh, and don't mind that cook top in the corner there.  This is just its temporary location.  The paper stack I've been working on off and on for about two months now.  Ok, so it's been more "off" than on. 

Kim Brenneman in Large Family Logistics suggests assigning a certain day of the week to tackle the major jurisdictions of our lives, such as laundry, kitchen duties, etc.  I have to admit, the idea of having an "office day" never crossed my mind.  Maybe that's why my "office" looks like it does!  I've been inspired by Kim to finally tame this paper monster.  Umm- if I don't get back to you, be sure and ask me how it's going.

To a certain degree, I think assigning a day for particular tasks is intuitive.  For instance, I run errands on the days that I have help at home, such as my husband's day off.  That way I can take one or two kids along for special mom time, but not have to tow everyone all around town.  And certainly, Sundays are different around here.  We prepare for worship before church by saying some Psalms together and praying.  We eat with my family.  We have worship with two other churches one Sunday night a month.  And last Friday was my "kitchen day" and it just about finished me off.  Maybe if I consistently spent one day each week on the kitchen, I wouldn't ever get so far behind.  It does feel good to get ahead in the meals department!

A gardening day?  What's that?  Big D does the gardening around our house and maybe that's why we have vegetables coming out our ears and one big flowerless flower bed.  I know I need to work on it.  Should I really give it a day?  I think I just might.

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  1. i love the paper idea, I just today had to get rid of a trash bag of paper waiting to be shredded



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