Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last year I wrote a series on my blog about the family-integrated church.  A couple of nights ago my husband and I watched the documentary Divided that addresses the issue of whether teens are better off (spiritually speaking) of attending youth group or worshiping with their families.  Big D and I both agreed the movie is well-made and thought-provoking.  It's available through Vision Forum.

The young man who made the movie did so in order to find answers to the question of why young adults are leaving the church in droves never to return.  He interviews Ken Ham, Scott Brown, Voddie Baucham, Doug Phillips, and others.  I already knew what all of them would say, since I've read their books.  More interesting to me were his interviews with former youth pastors who have come to the same conclusion through their experiences.  If you're interested in this issue, I highly recommend viewing this film. 


  1. Worship should be with the entire family. I wouldn't do it any other way :)



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