Monday, December 6, 2010

I wish I could say no ornaments were broken in the decorating of this tree...

... but I can't.  Oh well, the kids had a great time.  Hopefully Big D can fix my special Christmas ornament from when I was 11.  (That means it's really old : ).  My mom has always given me an ornament each Christmas that represented something about me for that year.  She does the same thing for my kids now.

My girls have ornaments that are swimmers and ice skaters, ballerinas and cowboy boots.  Does the fact that this ornament represented me at 11 make me a redneck?  Certainly not any more than my collection of throwing stars made me a ninja.  Maybe it just means I was well-armed.  Hey, my dad was a platoon leader in Vietnam before he was a lawyer.  Anyway... I caught this scene on camera last night.

The little ones around here learn at an early age to beware of the Measle Bug.  Don't let her innocent smile fool you.  You never know when she's going to love you right into the ground.

Awe, isn't that sweet?  She just wanted a little kiss.  This time.

Love that curl.  He actually smiled at me with his eyes open for the first time yesterday during Monk's and Twinkle Toe's piano recital.  It made my day.  That and the fact that Monk and Twinkle Toes played the sweetest duet together.  Now, if only I could catch Calvin smiling on camera. 


  1. He's just cute, even without a smile. He's looks pensive in that last pic.

  2. We never make it through a Christmas without a broken ornament. Occupational hazard I think.



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