Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolved to simplify!

I surprised Big D with my clean closet when he got home from his ski trip.  Then he surprised me yesterday by cleaning out his side of the closet.  Our closet organizing forays have spilled over to our dressers and even our nightstands.  Big D suggested we tackle our bathroom drawers next.  We practically filled a dumpster with junk from our closet (in addition to filling up our dining room table with the giveaway pile.)  We are embarassed by how much junk we have.  And as Big D said, "Even our junk is nice."  One of our household resolutions for this next year is to lighten our load of stuff.  We want to simplify!

Less really is more.

How do you keep the stuff to a minimum? 


  1. Celee,
    I am CONSTANTLY going through things. We really do have little more than we NEED because of this. I hate having more stuff than I know is there. I don't buy more of something unless we are near the end of what we have. People make fun of me because I am so organized, but I can't llive any other way!

  2. I didn't have internet for 24 hours, and I have been very busy taking down all of the Christmas stuff (blah, blah, blah), anyway, I am just now reading your (and anyone's) blog for a few days. Your closet looks fantastic!
    I am simplifying too, I am just now sure how.
    I think one way to keep stuff to a minimum is to get rid of something every time you bring something new into your home. Buy a new shirt? Give away an old shirt....

    Thank you so much for answering my questions about the 90 Days Bible thing. I had almost decided not to do (and this is a terrible reason, but honest) is that I am signed up to do my first full marathon, and the training for that until April 9th will be overwhelming and time consuming, and I signed up for that before I was reminded of the 90 Day Bible Challenge. Two..I did not want to give up my normal and desperately needed Bible study. I have been studying Matthew since this summer, and I am still not through. I also have a ladies' Bible class once a month (and I am teaching it in January) and my regular Bible classes that I must study and prepare for on Sundays and Wednesdays. When you said that the 90 Day Bible Challenge ABSOLUTELY did not take the place of your other Bible studies, I was encouraged. I am on board. I can find the time when I am otherwise playing Words With Friends and Moxie on my iPhone/iPad. Both fun, but both major timewasters. I plan to read for 30 min. in the morning and then finish up throughout the day.

    How will you take notes if you read on your Kindle? The iPad has a note taking feature.... i may utilize that.

    Thanks for all the advice. Hope you get the aftermath of cleaning out your closet done soon.

  3. I am constantly going through stuff and giving things away. I usually don't think of a yard sale, as I just want it gone! 6 kids have a tendency of making lots of stuff!

  4. I am sooo with you here! How did we get this much stuff in the first place?!

  5. Having had children for almost 27 years I have had to eliminate things through the years. One thing is I save clothing (eliminate?) for the next child. This doesn't eliminate what we have, but eliminates what I have to buy. Toys I also save and don't buy many more, even though my kids have a 24 year age span. My 2 year old plays with many of the same toys that my almost 27 yo played with. LEGOS....after having two older boys who only played with Legos every now and then and NEVER played with the boxes sets as directed, we decided not to buy more. We have tons and the six year old plays with them occasionally. I refuse to buy junk toys anymore and would love to train my mil to not do so, but she loves cheap toys that make noises and usually break down in a couple of months. I clean out the toys frequently and through away some/get rid of some at least a couple of times a year. We are focusing on producing and not buying around here, but we do buy needed equipment (for composing and/or making music, gardening, photography. etc) We make room for books and school supplies, food storage and necessary items. I am not sentimental about things, so that helps.

  6. GREAT JOB! Less is more, I agree with that. We have been downsizing for 2 years non stop now. It's good, but believe it or not, we still have some to go! It's almost disgusting how much most people have that they do not need and will never utilize. do we stop? I guess it just means not buying stuff. And being more willing to part with stuff. Hard new habits, but they are learnable (is that a word?) :) I am learning

  7. For me it is a matter of pinpointing problem areas. I'm not a clothes or shoes gal and generally just keep a basic wardrobe. BUT I love to buy toys for the kids. I have learned over the years that a few good toys is much better than a room full of junk. It also helps that we have a small house with very limited closet space. I just can't let it pile up which motivates me to be more selective when purchasing.

    In case you didn't see my comment at my blog, I have really enjoyed getting to know you, too! I am so glad you are enjoying the soaps! Happy New Year!!!



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