Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forget the lion and the witch. You won't believe what's been hiding in my wardrobe!!!

Big D took Monk and Twinkle Toes skiing with a group from church, so I've been without my car for a few days.  I'm not sure what inspired me to begin the daunting task of cleaning out my closet.  Maybe it was when my husband asked for dress shirts for Christmas.  I knew he didn't need any shirts so I searched the bottom of my closet where clothes await a trip to the dry cleaners and found 24 long-sleeve dress shirts!  Oops.  (I decided to wait and take the short-sleeve shirts closer to spring.  Hopefully I'll remember : ).  Or maybe it was when I was looking for his shirts and found a huge tub overflowing with maternity clothes from several pregnancies ago that I had completely forgotten about.  Double oops. 

I know you're dying for some before pics.  Isn't it amazing how a person can seem so normal and then you see their closet?

Queen thinks I'm taking pictures of her.

She's trying to get into the picture again- bottom right.
True blue.  Don't you just hate trying on jeans?
Somebody got hungry while Mommy was buried alive in the closet.
She's such a survivor!  That peel wasn't going to get in her way!
As you can see, Calvin has no idea what's going on.

They say it has to get worse before it gets better.  Right?  Right?

I told you she's a survivor.

He's starting to catch-on.  This is a bigger project than any of us imagined.
 Strangest finds: 

A gift certificate for 4 one hr personal training sessions at our local gym that expired in 2004 (I bought it for BigD.  Guess he wasn't interested :), a large plastic quarter dated 1977, two sealed Snoopy valentine packages from when I was a little girl (1980's), a vintage kodak digital camera (this must have been one of their first digital cameras) with software and cables, a college research paper on the influence of Alexander the Great that I wrote in 1992 after returning from a university-sponsored trip to the Middle East, Paddington Bear's jacket, and my blankie (yes, I still have it.)

My kids are going to love these.  In a matter of minutes, what I have preserved for the last 30 years
will be utterly destroyed.  Can you tell I'm having a little trouble letting go?

This thing belongs in a museum.  It's a 3 megapixel.

Threadbare.  And no, I'm not ready to give it up, yet.  It's going right back in the top of my closet.

What do you think?  A step back in time or into the Twilight Zone?  Maybe a little of each.

Coolest find: 

My Garmin Forerunner 201- I completely forgot about this neat little gadget and plan on using it again asap.  A close second was finding my Suunto X9i GPS wristwatch.  Finding these long lost gagdets was definitely worth a couple of days of havoc.  

Now, for the after pics (keep in mind I only cleaned out my half of the closet):

This is minus a pile my mom couldn't stand for me to part with.  I mean, if I haven't worn my wedding shoes in over 12 years, what are the odds I'm ever going to wear them again?  If they don't belong in the "I can live without them pile", what does??)

Three bags of trash, a mountain of hangers, and a couple of rugs?
It almost looks worse after I cleaned my closet.  Oh, you want to see what my closet looks like now?  That is better.

In my drawers are my workout clothes for all seasons:  swim, bike, and run.

I even scrunched in our ski wear at the back.

My maternity clothes collection.  Now why would I keep these?
Wonder what my next mega-project will be?  The filing cabinet?  Maybe that can wait til next year : ).


  1. Next year's only a few days away.:-)

  2. Great job! My MIL couldn't bear for me to get rid of my wedding shoes, either. My project lately has been the shelves in the hall. I need to work on the kids' rooms again, but appreciated the Mom's remark from a friend who saw them today, that it made her not feel so bad- ha!

  3. I LOVE cleaning closets! Good job!

  4. LOL...I think showing pics of your closet makes you seem MORE normal. ;) I really should do this to my sewing room...soon...



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