Monday, December 13, 2010

This is why we homeschool.

Or at least it's one of the main reasons we homeschool.

If this happened more often I probably wouldn't consider it picture-worthy.  But, oh how I love to catch my children in these candid moments!  Then I think all the hard work of homeschooling is worth it!  Maybe my children really do enjoy one another. (And on a side note, Measle couldn't wear tap shoes to school, either : ).


  1. Too cute. You should send that to Sonlight. They might use it in their catalog.

  2. Just love the picture and the tap shoes. What fun to have the children all gathered around next to each other looking at a book. Prince looks so sweet, like he is loving every minute of this.

  3. Those are definitely two of the fantastic benefits of homeschooling [smile].


  4. Celee,
    I don't know if you've read my blog lately, but we sent the kids back to school in a weak moment and I am devastated with myself and really struggling with guilt and sadness. I know that I can't keep doing this to my kids, but this is SO hard! What do you do when it gets tough?
    (formerly Growing Blessings)

  5. This is what it looks like at my house too. You should see what outfits my children put on! And I look less than professional sometimes too--just this morning I had on running clothes....and a robe (I was cold after sweating while running). We all pile up on the couch and chairs and wrap up in assorted blankets while I read aloud every morning.

    I find my children working on projects and playing together quite often. Precious.

    I have decided that this week is "present wrapping week", not "baking week". I will bake next week!

    The presents---can't remember if I commented or not---I buy the same number of gifts, regardless of the price. Kids just like to open presents, so I will buy little inexpensive things (but needed things!) to even things out if needed. And i don't have a set number of gifts that I give my kids. it varies year to year depending on what they need. Last year I bought 6 gifts per kid. This year it is 3. Then I let the siblings give each other gifts, so they get 4 sibling gifts. I plan to blog about the sibling gift thing tonight or tomorrow.



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