Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's that time again... 90 Day Bible Challenge- Kindle style

I'm so excited to read the Bible in 90 days again.  I was very intimidated before starting it last January, but now that I've completed the challenge twice, I know it can be done.  Just to spice things up a bit, I'm doing the challenge this time on my, I mean my husband's, new Kindle.  I downloaded the ESV Bible for free and since I previously used the NIV and the NLT for the 90 day challenges, I thought I'd try the ESV this time.  I just love how easily the Kindle fits into my purse, diaper bag, car, or anywhere.  I never thought I'd want a Kindle, but now I'm so in love.  I've downloaded all of Calvin's Institutes and commentaries, 58 of John Bunyan's works, 5 Spurgeon classics, Mathew Henry's commentary,  etc.  I also downloaded the Kay Arthur book we're about to begin in our lady's study.  My only complaint about the Kindle is that it doesn't have a built-in light for reading in the dark.  It seems like this would have been an easy addition, but oh well. 

What about you?  Do you kindle?  Are you up to the 90 day Bible challenge?

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  1. Happy Day Celee!

    Both of my girls have kindles...let me ask them about reading in the dark. I sure thought they read them in the car at night, but I could be wrong. I have an iPad, and while it works great in the dark, it is hard to read in bright sunlight like in the car during the day. But the Kindle can be read at the beach! Anyway,,,,,,I have the free Kindle app on my iPad, so once we buy or download a book, we can put it on all of our devices. Buy once, use on all of your devices,,,,kindles, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks.

    Ok, I want to try the 90 Day Bible Challenge.....I just don't know. Will you be posting a link to the actual schedule, or do I just need to search for it? How long did it take you each day? Did you take notes as you read? Read the cross references? Keep a notebook? Or did you just simply read the day's assignment? Did you also do any additional Bible reading and studying? When in your day do you plan to read the passages?

    I have the ESV on my phone and iPad, so I can read anywhere, anytime......

    One more thing. Do you have some sort of list of "Must Read Books". I am talking about classics...both fiction and non-fiction, that I should be reading. I would like to start on such a list, but I am overwhelmed by the lists that I find on Google. I would love your recommendation. Most of the "classic" books are free or very cheap in the amazon kindle store.

    Well, today begins the undecorating of the Christmas stuff all over the house. Not nearly as much fun as putting it up! Plus I have a million cleaning out/organizing projects. And I want to do it all in one day! Ha!

    Have a happy day!



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