Sunday, December 19, 2010

Displaying Christmas cards and this face says it all.

This is my second day in a row to be housebound with sick kids.  So yesterday I had an idea on how to display the photo Christmas cards we've received this year.  I took down the large antique movie posters that normally hang in the short hallway between our entry and living room, then hung about 8 feet of 1/2" Christmas ribbon, securing it to the wall with thumb tacks on each end and in the middle.  I attached the cards to the ribbon with paper clips.  And voila', now there's one less stack on my desk and the kids can see pictures of all our friends without getting their fingerprints all over them.

I mentioned sick kids.  Queen (2) hasn't been herself since Wednesday.  Thursday around lunchtime, Big D took her temperature and it said 105!  I was hoping the thermometer was broken.  We gave her Motrin, filled her sippy cup with ice water, and Big D started bathing her with a cool washcloth.  By the time I got her to the doctor it was down to 100.8.  Then Friday night Calvin came down with whatever she's had.  Yuck!  I think this face says it all.

It has not diminished his appetite, however.  Queen is much better today, but still has the cough.  Hopefully everyone will be well by Wednesday since that's the day of our Christmas party.


  1. Poor kids! Hope the rest stay well!

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  3. I am so sorry you have sick kiddos. I hope they improve fast.
    Leah was up for 1.5 hours last night with a sore throat, and she threw up once (of course all in the recliner), but today she seems fine.

    That's a great card holder idea. Ours are taped up to the door in our den that leads to the basement and also on either side of the door frame in the opening between our kitchen and den.

    Thank you for all of your kind comments. You are very sweet. I don't have a sister either! I hope we can meet each other in person one day! Maybe we'll come run a race out there. ;)

    p.s. I am having the big Johnson party tonight! 50 -60 people! I better get going!



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