Saturday, October 3, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?

As we were driving along in the car this evening one of the kids started the topic of what they each want to be when they grow up. Twinkle Toes, obviously having given this some thought, immediately said that she wants to be a veterinarian. Measle also quickly spoke up that she wants to work at the grocery store and carry out groceries for people. I asked her why and she said so that she could keep all that money we give them when we buy our groceries. When I explained that the checkers don't actually get to keep all that money, she decided she wants to be a vegetarian. When the kids told Measle that being a vegetarian is not a job and it means she can't eat meat, she changed her mind again. This time she decided she wants to be a dermatologist and do people's make-up for them. Kids. Where do they get this stuff?

Mr. Monk wasn't so sure Twinkle Toes would like being a veterinarian, either. He told her she'd have to have a strong stomach. Measle misunderstood and kept asking why veterinarians have to have big stomachs. Twinkle Toes says she wants to be a large animal vet and that she won't mind pulling calves and foals(?) as long as they don't kick her. Mr. Monk and I were gagging at the thought. I get queasy remembering my deliveries and I wasn't on the receiving end!

Of course, Mr. Monk wants to be a Navy Seal, but this is the Scout that I only let sell popcorn around the neighborhood when his little sister's with him to keep him from getting lost! He is a good swimmer, though, so hopefully his sense of direction will kick in later.
I have no idea what our little American Boy wants to be when he grows up, but if the above picture is any indication I think he wants to be in entertainment. He does ask me to take his picture an awful lot and is quite a ham. And if Baby Lu continues in her present occupation, she's going to be a famous explorer someday, I'm sure.

It's fun to dream. What do you want to be when you grow up?


  1. That made me laugh about Mr. Monk! So funny! Get him a garmin.



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