Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ahhh, that's better.

Well, it's looking a lot better, but don't look too closely since I haven't done anything with the shelves, yet. I've learned a great deal through this process. I've learned that less really is more. I've learned that 18 m is probably not big enough for Baby Lu's holiday dress, so I'm going to try to exchange it tomorrow for a bigger size. And I've learned that Lu lets me get some work done as long as I allow her to eat bingo pieces. Until I figured that out it looked like I would never make any progress. Just as soon as I'd put something in a box, she'd take it out. Hey, it worked and we all have to make sacrifices, right?

Now I just have to make room in the clothes storage closet. Yikes! I have 5 or 6 space bags crammed into some shelves and hand-me-down coats and shoes in the "dead space" of the closet under the stairs, which also serves as a broom closet. I'll post on that closet later. It's actually in pretty good shape right now, I just have to find room for three new boxes:)


  1. very nice! having littles make organizing difficult eh?

  2. Well done - you deserve a sit down and a nice hot cuppa after all that work! {Patting you on the back}

    And in the words of my Grandma - Now you're finished yours you can come do mine!

  3. Ha ha. It's just one closet down, many more to go. I'll probably never finish:) It does feel good to be able to walk in baby Lu's room and closet again, though.

  4. looks great! I could not agree with you more on "less is more". IT truly has become the secret to our success. We have downsized so much though that when we move into this rental which is HUGE, we will have nothing but empty space. At least the kids will have plenty of room to run in the house all winter. I am seeing lots of tents and forts in the future. :)



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