Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun on the Road

Remember that Seinfeld routine about the special "cart people" in the airports? You know when you're loaded down with luggage, rushing to make a connection, and you see those special people ride right past you on the cart. "Make way for the cart people, Timmy!" Well, it didn't take the kids long to warm up to Pop when they learned he rides a scooter. He was so good to them- riding them up and down the halls of their retirement village. Have you ever seen our American Boy smile that big? Pop even let him work the controls!

Pop and GrandMary live in a vary fancy retirement village with a dining hall that is as nice as the place my parents take us every year for a special holiday brunch. Big D and I had a little talk with the kids as we were walking in to the dining room about how they were to use inside voices, etc. Ours were the only children in the large room and I was so worried that they'd cause a commotion. At one point a woman came over to say hello and complimented us on how well-behaved our children were. Big D and I beamed and Mr. Monk blurted out, "Oh, we're usually not like this. Only when we're in public." One lady, when she learned we were from Texas asked us if we watched the game. I told her we didn't watch football and our 3 year old then blurted out that, "We only watch cartoons!" Also, every time the waitress came by to offer anyone coffee, our 3 year old would say, "No thanks, I don't want any." (I have never given coffee to ANY of our kids, much less the 3 yr old!" At least he was using his manners!

GrandMary and Pop let Mr. Monk and Twinkle Toes stay the night with them. Here's Twinkle Toes posing with GrandMary before we left.
Oh, and the kleenex in the hotel room was the same height as Baby Lu. I'm sure you can conjure of that image on your own.

Don't you just hate eating on road trips? We don't eat fast food. My kids have missed out on this world. Measle said at one point last night, "There's another Old McDonalds." We did stop at McDonalds once and Big D got Mr. Monk a Big Mac, his first. I've never seen anything like it before. He went nuts over it! He couldn't believe there was anything that tasted that good! Even as I was telling him not to get used to it, his dad was telling him about the Wopper.


  1. I am so glad to hear the trip is going well. Sounds like such a fun time. Enjoy!

  2. Oh my gosh...I am laughing so hard! My grandmother got me my first BigMac. Mmmmmm. And I can just picture Baby Lu with the Kleenex. Sounds like fun!

    And thanks for your encouragment on James' one yr appt today. I needed that!

  3. My Grandpap also bought my brother and I our first Big Macs. We usually only go to Maccas when on holidays, and only once. (Once is more than enough for me now.)

    Love the photo of Pop and grandson on the scooter. What fun.

  4. Actually these are not my kids' grandparents. I met Mary on a mission trip to Poland 15 years ago and we've been friends ever since. Mary went all the way to California for my college graduation and to Texas when my husband and I got married. She's been a real blessing and encouragement to me. This is the first time we've visited them and my kids decided they love Arkansas.

  5. The fact that you even mentioned Seinfeld makes me enjoy your blog all the more! (yeah, I'm weird!) :)

  6. Oh, my older boys didn't taste Big Macs or Whoppers until they were teenagers, and they couldn't believe all that they had been missing!
    Glad your vacation is going well!

  7. My boys call it Old Macdonald's as well, and only lately have they stopped singing long, increasingly ridiculous versions every time we would drive past a big M! I'll not be surprised if Jojo chooses it for his phonics book when Primary 1 phonics kick off in earnest after Hallowe'en!



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