Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Journeys

I've already posted about how much fun we had with our friends in Arkansas and with our family in Indiana, but traveling with a baby is no easy task and Baby Lu definitely made the trip a challenge. It seemed like she was constantly getting into trouble.

You've heard of a Tale of Two Cities, well this is my Tale of Two Journeys. While my husband was busy taking pictures of all the beautiful scenery, I was chronicling a much different vacation. I thought I'd post a few pictures of our trip through Baby Lu's eyes. This was quite an adventure for her!

"So this is what playing dominoes is all about. There's nothing to it really."

"I can't believe my good fortune- someone left a step stool right underneath one of those fun looking doodads I've always wanted to spin." Notice the complete lack of remorse.

"You say it's how warm in Texas right now?"

The realization sets in that going up is a tad bit easier than going down.

"Oh, here we go if I just squat down like this I feel much more secure."

"Aha! Now how am I going to get that boot off? I need another hand."


  1. Lol. SO cute. Hope you had a fun vaca. I too homeschool 5 kids. Isn't it great?



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