Monday, November 29, 2010

The things they say.

I have to write these down or I'll forget them.

Monk (11), surprised, as I hand him a cup of peppermint tea:  "Oh, is peppermint a leaf?"  He thought it was a candy.

Monk (11) to me:  "If only you were as good at sewing as you are at math!" (I've been trying to make him a pair of pajama pants for a few days.  Let's just say it's not going well.  I'd much rather be doing Algebra, or Calculus for that matter.)

Prince (4) as we were running from our car to the gym:  "Run like the windmill Bullseye!" 

Queen (2) asked for another cookie at Nana's house and I asked her what was the magic word:  "God."

Queen (2) when I asked her what she was doing in our bathroom in the middle of the night (Daddy just installed a new night light):  "I hidin."


  1. LOL! These are great! I love the magic word!

  2. Did Queen get her cookie? ;) What an awesome answer.



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