Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deliverance through adoption

God delivered His chosen people, Israel, through adoption when He used Moses to lead them out of Egypt and through the wilderness to the Promised Land.

God delivered His people again through adoption when He placed Esther into the home of the wise and godly Mordecai and then when it was time brought her into the king of Persia's palace as queen so she could give him wise counsel leading to the preservation of Israel.

Through the adoption of Rahab and Ruth into His people, Israel, God brought the Messiah who in turn purchased deliverance for the world.

And God delivers each and every one of His elect from the kingdom of darkness and bondage to sin when He adopts us as His children and regenerates our hearts so we can follow Him.

God uses adoption to bring deliverance.  It is a manifestation of His grace.  He changes lives and even the course of nations through adoption.

This month is national adoption awareness month.  If you are a child of God, adopted by Him into His family, please prayerfully consider whether God will use you to bring deliverance to a lost and helpless child through adoption.  It's one thing to care for the physical needs of a child, to clothe and feed him, but quite another to feed him the gospel which offers spiritual life.  God uses adoption.  The question is, will He use you.

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