Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Schoolroom addition

More books means more bookshelves, so our
schoolroom has been rearranged again.  We're working on building a home library and my parents helped us out with their recent gift of the R.M. Ballantyne 19th century historical fiction series.  Then they helped us out again with an early Christmas gift of a new bookshelf for our schoolroom.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  Here's what our new and improved schoolroom looks like.

See the new bookcase? 

It's pretty full already.  I'm a little concerned about next year!

My aunt gave us this set of Enclyopedia Brittanica a few years ago,
but it's much more accessible here in our schoolroom.

The new computer station and schoolroom storage unit have switched places. 

Do you see those spaces?  I love that!  Now we have a biography shelf (top left)!
Sonlight Core 3+4 still takes up the lower two shelves on the left.

Oh- and I've created a new listening station!

I'm keeping our audiobooks and other listening material right here where we do our "read-alouds".

What do you think?  How do you keep up with your ever-increasing demand for book storage? 


  1. Ours is causing us to take over the playroom during Christmas break, and buying more shelves to hold everything. We are only in year 2!!!

  2. Very Jealous, that's a great collection. Since I've been flatting I've been very concious of the fact that it seems almost yearly I have to box everything up and move so it's not a great situation for accumulating books, I have much less than when I lived at home.



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