Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Decisions, decisions.

I'm a terrible photographer, but I have great looking kids.  The two kind of cancel each other out and I always end up with a few pictures that are decent.  I won't tell you which ones I decided on for our Christmas cards.  Yes, that's right, I already ordered our Christmas cards- a new record for me.  My incentive to get it done early this year was Shutterfly's 30% off sale plus free shipping that ended yesterday. 

Normally I spend an insane amount of money on formal holiday wear for the kids.  Not this year!  They usually only wear their Christmas dresses and sweaters 3 or 4 times, so I decided we'd do something different this year.  I love these shirts that tell the kids' ages!  I've been collecting them for a couple of years now so each year I only have to add one or two t-shirts.  And in keeping with our casual theme we decided to try for a good picture in our own backyard.

Cute kids, huh?


  1. Where do you find such fun shirts?? Great idea!

  2. I think your photography skills are fine! I love the last two shots...too precious!

  3. I LOVE those shirts! Where did you get them? I also love the pictures. I used Shutterfly %30 off and free shipping too. I ordered on Sunday, which is actually a little bit late for me! I hope they arrive in time for me to mail them on Nov. 30. That is my goal! I already have my address and return address labels printed out.

    About the live Christmas tree. Yes, it lives the entire month. In fact, we usually set it on the edge of our woods, close to our yard when we take it out of the house. The kids will prop it up....it stays green for a long time! Then my husband will burn it in the spring. I am not sure why it stays so green. It is a live, fresh cut tree.....I buy the tree every year from a nice nursery in town.....not at a place like Lowe's or Walmart. Supposedly the owner goes to some tree farm up north and selects them....the quality is different than the other stores around here....I guess that is why it stays green so long. We do water it every day.

    I have to move two chairs to accommodate the tree. The tree sits where my husbands recliner normally sits. My living room opens into my kitchen--no wall between. My couch and the recliner make a sort of "wall" to visually divide the two spaces. So the tree is now a huge room divider. You can see it from almost all the way around. One side of it is against the wall made of windows.

    Then I move the recliner across the room, an the chair that was across the room (another smaller rocker/recliner), moves to our schoolroom. I already have a rocker/recliner down there (can you tell I like to rock my children?) so I put them beside each other with pink and while Little Tikes table between for a sort of end table. Very cute! Ha! But it will do for 5 weeks.

    I hope you get your tree soon!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I buy the shirts from the Chasing Fireflies catalog. They keep adding ages, staying one step ahead of Monk. Hopefully they'll keep going.




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