Monday, November 15, 2010

Adapted homeschool: Plugging in

Normally I try to keep my kids as unplugged as possible.  Since Baby Calvin's arrival, however, I've added 6 hrs of nursing and the new adventure of cloth diaper care to my daily schedule.  So in my quest to come up with ideas on how to continue productive homeschooling despite my being less available, I've tried thinking outside the box.  I shared with you about how well audiobooks are working for us right now.  They're a welcome substitute for my daily read-aloud time. 

I also purchased Time4Learning online homeschool curriculum for Measle (7), the child whose education seems to suffer the most when my supervision is lacking.  She still does her Saxon math, handwriting or copy work, Greek, Bible, spelling, and reading, but she usually finishes these subjects before lunch and then spends the rest of the school day at loose ends.  (And you know what happens when your 7 year old is at loose ends, don't you?)  Time4Learning has helped tied up her loose ends.  She loves it.  She spent about an hour on it the first day and completed 4 exercises, quizzes, and several worksheets in that time.  Is she learning anything?  I have no idea, but she's having a good time!  I have to get online and check her progress.  I'll get around to that eventually.  For now I'm just happy that she's happy... and busy!  And she still has plenty of time to make a mess , I mean play.  Twinkle Toes (9) is begging me to add her to our subscription.  It's $19.95/month for the first child and $14.95/month for subsequent children in the same family.

Any more adapted homeschool suggestions? 

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  1. I love the idea. Hurray for "Creative mom thinking"!



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