Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, boy! I'm at it again.

I thought the nesting was supposed to end after you have your baby.  Or not.

I got to thinking about where I could put Calvin's new collection of Ballantyne books, which in turn got me to thinking that I should really rearrange all our homeschool books.  Then there are all those language books left over from my last book purge.  They've been residing in the bottom of my closet for over a month now.  I just couldn't let go of them.  I mean, you never know when someone in our family might want to learn French, or Polish, or even Yiddish?!  I know, they make tv shows about people like this.  I bet you can guess what's on the top of my Christmas list.  That's right, another bookshelf.  Are you reading this Mom and Dad? 

Well, it's not all crazy and disorganized around here.  I did buy a couple of baskets to manage the clutter in the kids' school shelves.   Their daily books and workbooks are easily within reach here and our bulletin board rests on top of the shelf.

I even finished a little project in our bedroom that's been bugging me for a month.  I should have taken a before picture, but I'm sure you can imagine the chaos of baby clothes and blankets, cloth diapers, and other baby paraphernalia strewn about our bedroom and stacked on every surface.  My dresser was literally covered up with baby clothes.

Now Calvin has his own drawer in my dresser.  I think it's about time.  We've been living together for a month now, might as well make it permanent ; ) .

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  1. I have been doing the same. I think with six Children we really need simplified homes. We are already stretched.....



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