Friday, November 26, 2010

No-sew fleece blankets

I've shared with you about how UNcrafty I am, but look at this!  My friend Debbie from A Journey in Motherhood encouraged me to try making these no-sew fleece blankets and gave me specific instructions that she said I couldn't mess up.  Well, we made a few goofs here and there, but the kids are thrilled with their new blankets.  (They were going to be Christmas presents, but I decided I couldn't make 6 of these on my own!  Instead I enlisted the kids' help and they became a fun family project.)

Twinkle Toes (9) and Measle (7) worked hard on their little brother's Toy Story blanket.

Measle happily poses with her new blanket.

And Calvin is just looking cute, as usual.

Now, 2 blankets down 4 to go!  Thanks, Debbie!


  1. Wow, Celee, you are now ahead of me. I only have one made so far. Tomorrow I am planning on making some more. I am impressed at how beautiful your blankets look! Great job. Now my question is are you going to be able to convince your children that they have to wait till Christmas to have their blankets? I am already having a hard time getting my children to wait with the one blanket that I have made so far. I just tell them that there are other blankets in the house they can cuddle up with till Christmas.

  2. Ha, Debbie! No, the kids are not waiting until Christmas for their blankets. After helping me make them, they are sleeping with them tonight. I think I'll make the pajama pants their Christmas presents. Hopefully I can hide the fabric from them and sneak over to my mom's (or your house) to sew them. I'm trusting pajama pants really are as easy as you say they are : ).


  3. I have been looking for goof-proof instructions for these! Care to share?



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