Friday, August 27, 2010

This nesting is hard on my back!

I finally had Queen's 1 year portrait framed and hung it above the piano.  (She's almost 2.)  Imagine, if you will a large pregnant woman standing atop a swiveling bar stool with hammer in hand.  Not a pretty sight, but I got the job done.

Oh, and for the first time, I took the baby's one year portrait.  Big D was a little disappointed that it was a bit on the blurry side, but I love it and think I did pretty good for a novice (top right).

Next, my nesting caused me to take down all the fake shrubbery from the top of the entertainment center in our bedroom, wash it in the tub, and rearrange it atop our homeschool unit.  What do you think?  I like it better here. 

The grand finale involved moving a desk from our bedroom to our front living room around midnight last night.  Of course, that meant I had to move the two blue chairs my mom passed on to me last month, and rearrange things in general.  I love having both desks in the same room!  It makes our front living room more like a study.  I also wanted it out of our bedroom so we could make room for baby.  I'll post those pics Thursday with the 4 Mom's bedrooms link-up part II.

I'm a little sleepy and my back's a little sore, but I can't stop nesting.  I must be getting close to having this baby!


  1. oh my word, I can't believe you got on a swivel chair pregnant-- LOL. A sight to behold I am sure! I am starting to get in the nesting phase-- more like the declutter phase right now :) Looks good!

  2. Please, plllleeeaaaase pass on some of your nestingness to me. I desperately need it and I have none. I'm nothing but huge, swollen, sore and tired. All. The. Time.
    Btw...your house looks fabulous! And i love the picture you took. Looks professional to me!
    And STAY AWAY from swivel chairs for pete's sake!

  3. I am on a short vacation and when we return we will start school right away. So before we left, even though I am not nesting, I felt the incredible urge to rearrange, clean, declutter and reorganize my entire hose! I am so hoping all that work pays off when we return and jump into another school year. I can't imagine nesting with the start of a new school year! Hope you are almost done an can enjoy the fruit of all your labor!!!



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