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One year blog anniversary giveaway and reflections!!

This week marks my one year blog anniversary.  I have several gifts that I want to give you, my faithful blog friends.  First let me say, "Thanks."

I started blogging as an easy way to keep track of family pictures, a short-cut to scrapbooking or something like that.  I had no idea that I would meet so many women who would inspire, challenge, and encourage me.  I've found friendship with other homeschooling moms, learned from their experience, and made our homeschool better.  I've learned about countless homeschool resources that have been a blessing to us.  I've been challenged to be a more godly wife and mother, to become more of a producer in the kitchen, and to read my Bible in 90 days, twice!  I've even met several of you in real life and found you're even better in person!  And blogging has reminded me that I love to write!  (The memories of the Daisy typewriter are all coming back to me now!)

In addition to winning friendship and encouragement, I've won some amazing prizes since getting into blogging!  In the last year, I've won a $50 Sonlight gift card, the NCFIC Sufficiency of Scripture 2009 conference complete audio set (I've so enjoyed listening to this!!!), two Christian fiction books, and a fabulous collection of homemade pre-school learning activities.  Since I've received so much this last year, I want to give something back to you.

The gifts for my anniversary giveaway are:

$50 Sony Style Gift Card- visit to see the wide selection of gifts available for purchase with this card.

$25 Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card

$25 Barnes and Noble gift card

Encouragement for the Homeschool Family 8 Session CD Audio Seminar by Steve and Teri Maxwell

Feed My Sheep:  A Practical Guide to Daily Family Bible Time by Steve Maxwell (2 CDs)

Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids:  Jesus in the Spotlight John 1-10 by Kay Arthur

The Royal Attributes of God devotional in English and Spanish

To enter comment below on your favorite post, series, or theme that I've written about in the last year.  What did you like about it?  Did it make you think or was it an encouragement to you?  Be sure to include your email address in your comment or you can send me your email privately through the Contact tab at the top of my blog if you'd prefer.  You can also comment about topics you hope I'll address in the next year. 

As a sneak peak, here's what I'm interested in and already planning to write on:  more creation science- molecular and genetics arguments, cannonization of Scripture- I've been interested in this topic for a while and have a couple of books on my nightstand waiting for my attention, more theology of adoption- I'll save these for October, more Christ in the Old Testament filed under the Advent topic- I never get tired of making these connections, maybe some more on drugs- some of my favorite topics are indiscriminate use of antibiotics, stimulant treatment of ADHD, and dangers of anti-depressants especially SSRIs, and I'm interested in learning more about genetically modified foods.  What do you think?  Have I missed some exciting and interesting topics?  What are you interested in right now?

I'll draw 7 winners on the evening of Thursday September 2nd.  The first winner will get to pick their prize, then the second winner will get to pick from what's left and so on.  If I don't hear from a winner within 24 hrs then I'll move on to the next winner so I can get everyone their prizes ASAP.  Thanks for participating and for adding a lot of fun and encouragement to my year!


  1. Very cool! hard to believe it's been a year! I love getting to know new moms..and b/c our children are nearly the same ages, I feel such a connection with you! I've totally enjoyed your thoughts on homeschooling...and really look forward to more!

  2. Hi!!! WOW what awesome gifts for a giveaway thank you...
    I have really enjoyed the Open House series. I know, its weird but I just LOVE seeing pictures of other large family homes. Your home is just beautiful. I also enjoyed your quiverfull reasons as well (with scripture text) Got me thinking.... My email address is
    Thanks again

  3. WOW! I enter all kinds of giveaways and have never won anything! I hope the millionth time is a charm!

  4. Congratulations! I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but... I like everything you write. I think what I most appreciate about your style is your ability to communicate Biblical truths with humility and grace.
    And I love the cute, funny things your kids do.

  5. You've got a great blog, so congratulations! I have enjoyed the series on creation, family integrated worship, and medicine. I look forward to more on those topics, and the GMF as well. And, of course, I hope I win!

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary! I can't say what my favorites have been as I have several, but I loved the Quiverfull series, am liking the medication one now, like your thoughts on large families, and love your posts on Sonlight! It is always fun to get ideas from other homeschool moms and see what works for fresh ideas! I would like to hear your thoughts on our changing food supply nd the antibiotic craze in our country! Anyways, I always enjoy reading your blog even though I am terrible at commenting!

  7. Celee,
    Gosh, I wouldn't know even where to start. You have been such an inspiration to me as I walk this walk called "Motherhood". The comments that you have left on my blog have encouraged and inspired me. I enjoy reading about your everyday life experiences as a homeschooling mom. Thank you for blessing me!
    Nicki Bourgeois

  8. Happy bloggy anniversary! I was surprised to see it's only been a seem like such a pro already!

    I've really appreciated all your posts on homeschooling-just hearing (and seeing) what you do and how you do it!

    I was also incredibly inspired by your quiverfull post and it just confirmed some things for me personally!

    Great idea for a giveaway, btw!

  9. I have been reading your blog for a few months and when I was poking around your old posts when I first found your blog I found your quiverfull series and that was really encouraging for me to read. As a young mom who often feels very alone in those beliefs (although I don't like to refer to myself as quiverfull because I think it can often be misunderstood) it is so nice to find other, older Christian women who share these beliefs.
    I also like reading your thoughts on family worship as my husband and I are trying to get that going in our family- and you know, one of these days I will update about it in your blog frog community! I appreciated your response to my post about having family worship with very young children.
    I hope you'll keep blogging for many more years!


  10. YAY! How fun Celee! Let's see, well I have a few favorites, but I will narrow them down. I loved your Quiverfull posts because you put it into words so WELL! And although I love all of your posts, off the top of my head I can definitely say that you posts on Family integration really helped solidify what I already was believing but was so hard put to find anyone who thought the same. It is good to find a sense of companionship and agreement with other sisters in the faith. It just helps make decisions a little less....alone. So thanks for always helping me feel like I am not totally crazy :)
    Cuz you are too of course! lol

  11. Happy Anniversary!
    I've just found your blog so I haven't had time to read bak into your older posts, but I'm planning to! It is an encouragement to me to see another mom of five (almost six) who is serving God and raising godly children!

  12. Oh frustrating, when I clicked Post Comment I got an error. This time I'll copy my comment just in case. :)
    I found you through 4 Moms and am really enjoying your posts on FIC. Stuff that's on my heart but you put it to words so well.

  13. I love everything about your blog....even the posts I don't understand (you are so, so much smarter than me!) :)

    I did not make up the edible cell experiment. You know I am not creative! I just follow directions and organize things! The experiment is all laid out in the apologia book. The notebooking activities are all included in the notebook too. Great course!

    Have a good week! School is still taking us most of the the day, but I am loving the Sonlight.

  14. Wow! Thanks for the kind words, everyone! You made my weekend! I've learned so much from all of you, as well! And Roan, if I'm smarter than you, why is it I spend so much time picking your brain?!


  15. I loved your series on the Christian's perspective of meds. We don't vaccinate our son for a number of reasons, but one of our main reasons is that God created this incredible body of ours to HEAL itself. It can mend together a broken bone with time and patience, so why don't we trust it to fight off an illness? I also love all your posts on homeschooling schedules. We will begin homeschooling our oldest next year for kindergarten, and I've gotten so many great ideas from your blog! Thank you and happy anniversary! :) (PS my email is :)

  16. I found your blog a few months ago and am so encouraged by your homeschooling posts. The joys and challenges of homeschooling was especially encouraging. Thanks for sharing! (

  17. Great give away! I would love to win any of those. When I look back on alot of the posts I have read of yours I most enjoyed the series you did on children in church service and youth groups.



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