Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Could I really be considering cloth diapering?

I have to confess that I thought you cloth diapering moms were completely nuts a few months ago.  Could it be that I'm seriously considering cloth diapers for my 6th baby? 

I have a few questions, as it's really a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what's what in the world of cloth diapers. 

1.  What's the difference really between hybrid/inserts and cloth diapers?  I mean, the inserts are still washed, not trashed, right or wrong?

2.  What's the best overnight solution?

3.  What's the best cloth diaper for newborns?

4.  What's the best diaper cover?

I realize these are largely opinions, but I would love to benefit from your experience!  I appreciate any help!


  1. Britney wrote a HUGE post about cloth diapering last week... VERY useful information with her own personal comments & concerns about many different types. Hope it helps!!


  2. Don't feel bad,lol, we just switched with our 21 mos old and are expecting our 5th in November. I like the hybrid dipes that have the rewashable inserts, really its kind of like a fitted and cover all in one easy system. If you have just a pee dipe then you can change just the insert and snap a new one in, easy peasy. You don't have to stuff the insert like you would a pocket diaper. I think they do make ones with disposable liners too though, but we've not tried those. We have used a fuzzibunz overnight with an extra doubler, as well as just laying a doubler in a prefold with an AI2 cover as well with success....I guess it depends on if you have a heavy wetter or not in regards to what works for different people. I don't know about the newborn situation yet, lol, as we've only been at CDing for about 3 months, but I am getting prefolds, fitteds, and a few AI2's for our new addition. I haven't bought just a cover yet, with the exception of a WAHM one I traded for on Etsy, I just use the covers I have for the AI2's and pakets and such I have. I am going to attempt to make a few if time permits this weekend though, lol. Hope that helps!

  3. Ok, I feel like I have a *little* experience here...being that I own Pampered Cheeks and all. ;) In fact, I started cd'ing when my 4th was 18 mos and number 5 was on the way. In order to save even MORE money, I decided to learn to sew my own at that time. That was 5.5 years and 3 babies ago!
    1) Hybrids? I'm not sure what those are at all. ((blush)) I do know the g-diapers have inserts that are flushed because they are biodegradable, just like toilet paper. Maybe those are hybrids? When I priced out g-diapers a couple years ago, they came out to cost the same amount as disposables. But I do know that some people use g-diapers with cloth inserts with great results. Since $$ is one of *my* main reasons for cd'ing, I passed on those.

    2) Lots of people say that my one-size fitteds rock for nighttime, especially with a wool cover. Me? I use disposables. I found that my babies were waking up when they got wet and subsequently cold. :( Also when my children passed the 1-year mark and weaned, their urine became much more concentrated. Look up urine on wikipedia. As the urea breaks down, ammonia is a byproduct. This ammonia causes a rash on my kids every time. It is NOT a build-up in their diapers. It is there after the diaper has been on for about 3 hours. So for those who can cd overnight, my hat is off to them--for me, one disposable diaper per day is not that expensive.

    3) For newborns, fitted diapers and covers rock. I call my newborn fitteds "Little Cheekies" but the style is widely available in lots of other brands too. My absorbency rocks and they don't take long to dry. I can't compare to other brands because I haven't used anything else (except kissaluvs...which is pretty much a glorified washcloth). ;)

    4) I make my own covers, too, and my AI2 shells can be used as covers. I like the one-layer PUL covers the best because they are trimmest. But I have consistently heard that Thirsties covers rock.

    For Tirzah we loved to use fitted diapers in the mornings, because that was when she seemed to need tons of absorbency. A fitted is always going to absorb more because it has more fabric. For the rest of the day we loved to use AI2's or Pockets. For Malachi I focused on one-size diapers, but for Tirzah I worked hard on developing my sized patterns so she got almost all sized diapers. Overall I like the sized diapers better, but there is certainly something to say for the savings in one-size diapers. I tried some prefolds with Tirzah as a newborn but hated them. Bummer because I made them and they were super duper yummy bamboo. The laundry is a little easier to do when it comes to AI2's vs. pockets, but otherwise I like both. Now that I've weaned Tirzah, her urine output is down and we use the AI2's most of the time. Ok, now that I've written a full blog post on your blog, I'd better scoot. :) Feel free to email me any time...stephtheis at gmail is better than my pamperedcheeks email (I'm having email woes).



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