Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glad to be home!

We left last night and slept in a parking lot (in our RV) so we could get in at a decent hour tonight.  We had a wonderful time, but boy is it good to be home!  Yesterday alone we spent time in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri.  We started our day in Indiana then drove 3 hrs to the Creation Museum in Kentucky passing through a sliver of Ohio.  Then after arriving back in Indiana around 9:30 pm my husband decided we'd hit the road again.  So after packing up quickly we headed out from Indiana for the second time that day and ended up sleeping in Missouri.  Today we drove through Missouri, Oklahoma, and finally arrived home to the great state of Texas around 8:30 tonight.

I have lots of blogging to catch up on- fun pictures from our good times and great books I got to read along the way.  But, first a funny story that I should have included in my last post on our camping at Bixler lake.

As we left the beaten path and began our trek through the forest, one of the kids said, "What's that smell?"  I said, "Nature."  Then in a few minutes I noticed Monk messing with his flip flops (I guess we weren't exactly prepared for hiking).  I asked him what he got on his feet and he said, "Nature."

Oh and when my dad brought Jack the cowdog home in his carrier tonight he explained that the reason he and Monk were lifting the carrier from the bottom is because while they were babysitting Jack for us, he ate the handle to his carrier.  The large plastic handle.  I wasn't surprised.  When we went to Kazakhstan he ate the raised panels off their mud room cabinets.  I guess that means he missed us.  Well, it is good to be missed.

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