Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's been a hard day's night!

If you've followed any of Louie's (22 months) adventures, you know she plays hard!  Her most recent accomplishment is that she can take all her clothes and her diaper off.  When I went into her room yesterday afternoon to get her up from her nap, she was completely naked with her clothes and diaper in a neat little pile in the corner of her crib.  Last night I caught her running around naked again and told her to fetch me a diaper.  I was surprised to see her in a few minutes putting the diaper on!  A facebook friend advised me that if she's old enough to change her own diaper, she's old enough to potty train.  Anyway, all that playing hard pays off when it comes time to sleep.

She was resting up for today, no doubt.  Now she's outside playing with her big sister Measle (7) who also sleeps the sleep of the dead.  I know this sounds hard to believe, but we saw this same noble profile on Measle's sonogram.  And yes, she's in a sleeping bag on the floor of our bedroom with Twinkle Toes (9) right beside her.  Why do we need a big house with lots of bedrooms again?  That's right, we don't. 


  1. I love this post! So cute! You know how I love to see sleeping babies! But POTTY TRAINING!?!?!??!?! That hasn't even crossed my mind for James.

  2. It's a little different for boys :). Let's just say my 4 yr old son still has potty issues! Twinkle Toes self-trained at 21 months and it looks like Louie is taking after her. Don't worry. Most moms are thrilled to have their little boys trained by age 3.

  3. hahahaha. so cute. I know the feeling :)



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