Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't forget to enter to win my $25 Chocomize custom chocolate giveaway!

I'm really surprised I've only had 3 friends enter my $25 Chocomize custom chocolate giveaway! 

Come on, isn't chocolate a woman's best friend?  I know it's mine.  In fact, I called my husband at work yesterday and confessed that I was eating his custom candy bar- the one with peanut m&ms and coffee grounds that I designed just for him.  I know, I've sunk to a new low.  Can I blame it on pregnancy hormones?

It's simple to enter.  Just go to my blogfrog community and either join a discussion there or start a new one.  I'll announce a winner in my blogfrog community Saturday evening.  This Saturday evening, so enter now.

See how much fun my family had with ours?

Still not convinced?  Go to Chocomize and see how wonderful it is then go to my blogfrog community and enter.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, I want to enter the giveaway, but I can't remember my username and yada yada for the blogfrog community! I may try to figure that out later!

    I am trying to be more frugal.....trying to spend less at the grocery store, trying to use up the food in my pantry and freezer.....trying!
    I even want to make the homemade play-doh today. I think I will!

    The chocolate sounds delicious! I am going to check out that website. I am always looking for unique gift ideas, and this looks like a winner.

    Hopefully, I'll be blogfrogging later today. Gotta go run (literally) right now!



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