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North Star Games Review for TOS: Wits and Wagers Family

We had so much fun reviewing the game Wits and Wagers Family by North Star Games!  This game is super easy to play, even my 8 yr old had no problem.  The answer to every question is always a number and since most of the questions are not common knowledge (though all are family-friendly), each player guesses a number that they think will be closest to the answer without going over.  But, the most fun is not in guessing the answer, but in seeing everyone elses guesses and in betting which player has the best guess.  In other words, you're tested not only in your knowledge of trivia, but in how well you know each player's areas of expertise.  And yes, I did win, but just barely. 
Each player or team gets one re-usable answer card and two meeples, wooden people-shaped game pieces, one large and one small.  After the question is read each player discreetly writes their guess on their answer card with a dry-erase marker (5 are included) and turns it face down.  Once everyone has guessed, the cards are turned over and lined up next to the permanent "1" card in order from least to greatest.  Then the fun begins.  You're awarded points based on writing the closest guess without going over (1 point) and betting on the closest guess (2 points for the large meeple and 1 point for the small meeple.)  If you write the correct guess and bet on yourself exclusively then you can earn a maximum of 4 points in one round.  Of course, you might be wrong, in which case you would score zero, so it's more wise to hedge your bets and split your meeples between two different guesses.

I know from experience that it's just as fun playing Wits and Wagers Family
when your house is messy as when it's clean : ).
What's cool is that it's completely possible to win at Wits and Wagers Family without knowing any of the answers.  How?  Just keep in mind that your 10 year old daughter probably knows more about Barbie than your 12 year old son and vice versa when it comes to the Chronicles of Narnia and Disney Pixar films.  And unlike so many family games, an adult is not necessary for playing.  Your kids can play this one on their own just as easily, but then you'd miss out on the fun!

Wits and Wagers Family is suitable for ages 8 and up and can be played with as few as 3 players.  We usually play as 4 individuals, but I can see that this could be a fun party game played in teams of 3 or four people each.  The game doesn't have a board, which makes it easy to play anywhere, like on this ottoman in the middle of our living room.  And because I know you're dying to know, I'll share with you my winning question.  I guessed correctly and bet on myself that the longest known celery stalk measured 9 feet.  As you can see above, Mr. Monk was ahead and feeling a bit overconfident when I pulled out the win on this question.  While we each had our areas of expertise, and no, I hadn't realized celery and spelling bees fell into that category for me, there were also questions that we were all completely clueless about.  One of them had to do with American Idol and another with Sponge Bob, two shows none of us know anything about.  Actually, it's almost more fun on those questions, because you have the greatest range of answers and have to spread out your bets.

Wits and Wagers Family is available from retailers such as Barnes and Noble for $19.95.  If you enjoy family game night at your house you might want to consider Wits and Wagers Family for a Christmas gift this year that will keep on giving.

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Disclaimer:  I received a free Wits and Wagers Family game in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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