Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Girls. Talkin' 'bout my girls.

I was a tomboy, so when we started our family I naturally assumed I wanted to have all boys. I admit to being a little disappointed the first time I learned Twinkle Toes, now 10, was a little girl. I didn't know anything about girls. I played football and rode bikes. I tortured frogs and built forts. I'm a scientist! But, the Lord has been gracious and given me THREE little girls. He has also been patient with me and little by little my girls are helping me to embrace femininity.  Aren't they just the cutest?

  All three of our girls are as different as they could possibly be, but they all have such larger than life personalities.  Twinkle Toes is our resident artist.  She's left-handed, extremely artistic and creative, and bit well, dramatic.  My theory is that the drama kind of goes with her artist's personality, so we embrace it : ).  Twinkle Toes is currently composing a piece of music for the piano to submit in the Texas state composition contest.  It sounds so great- I can't believe it's coming out of her mind!  Twinkle Toes is fiercely independent and competent to accomplish most anything she sets her mind to.  I'm so blessed to have her as my daughter!

Measle is 8 and in one of the middle positions in our family.  That's a tough place to be, but she's such a great little mother to her younger siblings.  She loves being Louie's big sister and sharing a room with her.  She loves bathing, dressing, and reading to her roommate.  (Sometime's Louie's more receptive than at other times : ).  Measle is a fast swimmer and is becoming a really good violinist.  She's taking part in a fiddle contest this weekend.  She likes to do everything fast!   We're especially enjoying reading Leading Little Ones to God together this year. 

Lucie just turned 3 and I've already told you lots about her.  I started blogging when Lucie was still a baby so you've seen evidence of her shenanigans.  I made the mistake of starting Lucie on mochas early in life.  Once when she was a toddler in the church nursery, she bent over to look through the window of a Little People dollhouse and shouted to the nursery worker, "Do you want a white mocha?"  She was months shy of two at that point.  Lucie is an absolute pro at drinking mochas in the car and often reminds me when it's hot to "take little sips."  Lucie sleeps with us and when she turned 3 I thought she might be ready to sleep in her room with her sister.  She held up her open hand and told me when she was 5.  Hmmm.  She totally cracked me up the other day when I saw her struggling with her baby, carseat, and diaper bag.  She's such a mom!

I love my boys, too, and will write about them in another post, but I'm SO grateful to God for blessing me with these sweet girls who love hanging out with their mom.  I never have to run errands, cook, shop, exercise, or do anything alone.  These three girls are ALWAYS up for some fun and they even manage to make our chores fun.  Thank you Lord, for the gift of little girls!

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  1. LOVE the pics of Lucie carrying her baby seat and diaper bag...especially with her tongue sticking out! TOO CUTE! What precious girls you have!



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