Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Goals- How are we doing?

I learned to set goals when I was an age-group swimmer.  I believe in setting goals or resolutions or whatever you want to call them.  Without goals I tend to slide toward complacency.  Some of you commented that you thought my summer goals were a little ambitious so I thought I'd give you an update on how we're doing.

Monk (11)- Original goals-  Read 1 hr+ per day, learn to type, complete Vacation Stations workbook.  Reality- 90 day Bible challenge which takes him about 1.5 hrs per day; typing progress has been slow, but steady; Vacation Stations went by the wayside early on.  Monk has also been painting fences at the ranch with his grandparents and spending lots of time with his cousin who's staying with us this summer.

Twinkle Toes (9)- Original goals- Read 1 hr per day, learn to knit, Vacation Stations workbook.  Reality- Twinkle Toes started the 90 day Bible challenge with us, but we found she was speed-reading and not retaining anything, so for the last month she's been reading 1 hr per day working her way through the Little House books.  The knitting is coming along nicely thanks to my mother-in-law who has been giving the girls knitting lessons each Tuesday.  Two of the girls' friends have even joined them in learning to knit.  Twinkle Toes conveniently lost her Vacation Stations workbook very early on this summer, but she has been learning to type along with her big brother.

Measle (7)- Original goals- Improve reading skills so she'll be ready for chapter books when we start school.  Reality- Measle has been reading 30 minutes per day and I think she's almost ready for real chapter books.  Measle has also been learning to knit along with her sister.  Vacation Stations went by the wayside, but she did do a couple of pages of Greek yesterday:).

American Boy (4)- Original goals- Learn to swim and learn to read.  Reality- I completely failed at teaching AB to swim this summer.  I haven't been in the water most of the summer and never signed him up for lessons with anyone else.  However, AB is coming right along with his reading.  He's now able to read short sentences with simple words.  I can tell it's already clicked with him and that reading is going to come easily to our AB.

Louie (21 months)- Original goal- Potty train.  Reality- I haven't started yet, but I'm sure she'll train quickly when we get back from vacation.  She's already asking to go potty and makes me change her as soon as she's wet.

Me- Original goals- 90 day Bible challenge for the second time.  Reality- I'm keeping up with my reading, loving it just as much as the first time through, and getting even more out of it this time.  I'm also a 90 day Bible mentor right now trying to encourage 14 ladies who are attempting the challenge for the first time.  I shared with you in my last post some of the other interesting books I'm reading.  And while I haven't been swimming this summer, I've been consistently walking while the big kids swim each day. 

So, all in all I'm happy with our progress this summer.  Next year I'll ditch the workbook plans.

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  1. My girl is taking knitting lessons too!!! How cool. she was very pleased to see the pictures of your little ones learning too. She really likes the knitting. I am very impressed with your progress, I have to say. Maybe there is something to that whole goal writing thing ;)



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