Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Schoolroom

The kids are so proud of our newly re-organized schoolroom they just can't wait until August- 
I caught them playing school after supper! 

This will be our first year to use a bulletin board.  I found some great historical maps of the U.S.- Measle is teaching her little brother about different Native American tribes.  Mainly she's enjoying using the silly pointer that she insisted I buy.

My handsome boy here is sitting in front of our main homeschool storage unit.  It's supposed to be for dishes, but when I first saw it I knew it'd be perfect for all our homeschool paraphernalia. 

It was so exciting to receive our big box from Sonlight last week, but making room for all the new books has been another matter.  For several days our floor and table were covered with books.  I think I've finally gotten them organized.  This is probably too much information, but the lower two shelves on the left hand side are our Sonlight core 3&4 books for next year.  The middle left shelf has our read aloud books and my instructor's guide.  The lower left shelf contains the readers.  The lower two shelves on the right house American Boy's FIAR and other storybooks and Measle's American History books.  And the top two shelves are filled with miscellaneous titles.

I was too embarassed to take before pictures of these cabinets.  We started the year so organized last year, but by spring we were all just throwing books, pencils, scraps of paper and whatever else we found lying around quickly into the cabinets and slamming the doors to head off the ensuing avalanche caused by disturbing our mountain of mess!  I'm storing all our core 6 World History part I books and supplemental materials in the left cabinet and math, science, and LA books that we either are not using this year or will use sparingly in the right cabinet.

Even our school drawer has turned over a new leaf.  Now if we can only keep it this way!
How about you?  Are you ready to begin again?


  1. Looks like you are ready for a great year! We are almost ready. I have one change I am making to our school space which I hope to finish this week.

  2. Thanks for the tour! YOur blog has been so inspiring to me. We will be starting our first year August 2nd.....any tips? Nicki

  3. It looks great in there. I love your book storage unit. We're already schooling as we go year round, with one week off each month and a whole month around October. And no, I'm NOT ready ;)

  4. In the middle of that, while taking only a short break!

  5. that looks downright inspiring. We are still "doing" school, but I can't wait to organize and start fresh again. It will be great. thank you so much by the way, for your sweet and comforting words on my post. It has been so challenging, but I wouldn't have made it without the comfort God has given me through my sisters in Christ.

  6. Happy Box Day! [smile]

    Looking good.


  7. Don't you just love getting ready for the new school year. Love the school room.

  8. Hi Celee! I'm one of the other mentors for the Bible in 90 Days challenge. I just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    I'm ready to start homeschooling! Only one problem... I don't have any kids yet. :P I love all the pictures of your books! It looks so inspiring.

  9. Celee,
    I absolutely love it!!! I really need to clean out and reorganize our school room. In fact I went down there today to vacuum, dust, mop, etc, and I got depressed just looking at all of the clutter. I have some major work to do, but you have inspired me! Now....to find the time to tackle this project. I plan to share pictures when I am done too.
    Thanks for the specific descriptions of what books are on each shelf. Currently my Sonlight books (3 cores) are not even in my schoolroom. They are upstairs in a spare room in a bookcase. I am not sure where to put them in my schoolroom......need to shuffle some things around!

  10. Your schoolroom looks lovely!!

    Mrs. White

  11. Looks beautiful! We go sort of low key year-round and have moved the hsing into the office for my distractible daughter, so it's a bit up in the air right now!

  12. I've never had a room entirely dedicated to school, but I do miss my school area in our last house. Now our entire house is a school area, but we're making it work.

    Your room looks great! And now I'm thinking it might be time to clean out the desk again. :P



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