Friday, July 2, 2010

Our 2nd grade curriculum

Measle Bug will be in 2nd grade this year.

Here's our tentative 2nd grade curriculum:

Math- Saxon 2/Singapore 2- Measle seemed to do better with Singapore math than Saxon.  Does this mean she's a visual learner?  Since I have both of these curricula we'll utilize both as needed.  She actually started on Saxon and Singapore 2 last spring so she may get into Saxon 3 by the end of the year.  At this age, learning math facts is one of our primary goals so we'll work with flashcards, too.  I bought Quarter Mile Math last year and Measle loves practicing her math facts in this race style format.  I'd like her to have her multiplication/division facts memorized by the end of the year. 

History/Literature/LA- Measle will read some of our Sonlight core 3/4 books such as Meet George Washington and Hellen Keller.  I think there are 2 or 3 others that she'll be able to read on her own.  I'm also trying to pull together some easier books that will tie in with our American History such as The Courage of Sarah Noble, The White Stallion, On Yonder Mountain, and the American Girl series especially Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, and Addy (pre-American Revolution through Civil War).  I'd love to know of any others along these lines!  Of course, she'll listen to our read-aloud time and I'll try some of the integrated LA with her such as narration and dictation from our reading.  I will also use some workbooks for Measle like Bob Jones Spelling 2 and Wordly Wise.

BibleChildren's Community Bible Study Divided Kingdom and Minor Prophets.  Measle had to have a lot of help last year with her CBS homework.  I'm hoping she'll be more independent this year.  She'll also do memory work in her TAG book and participate in our family devotions.

Foreign Language- Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek- Measle is in the level 3 workbook, but is quite a bit behind her older siblings.  We worked through the first two levels together as a family, but now I'm having them work at their own pace, which means I'm working with Measle while her older siblings have passed us by.  I'd like to see Measle get through level 3 this year and half-way through level 4.

Music- Measle is beginning her second year of violin lessons.

Art- Private art lessons.  I've confessed to you before that I am not artsy or cratsy AT ALL.  Our children all seem to have an aptitude or at least interest in art, so making sure they have lessons is a priority for us.

PE- Swim team and ice skating.  Measle also dabbles in gymnastics, dance, and track as time and opportunity allow. 

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