Friday, July 16, 2010

Sonlight Review and Giveaway at Raising Olives

Kimberly at Raising Olives has a great review of Sonlight core homeschool curriculum and how it can be used in multi-level homeschooling.  She's also offering a $50 Sonlight giftcard giveaway!  Simply follow the link to her blog to read her review and enter for a change to win the giftcard.

I can't improve upon Kimberly's review, but I'll add what we love about Sonlight.

1.    Family read-aloud time.  This is something I've always loved doing with my kids.  My dad read to me every night of my childhood.  But, unfortunately through the years this fun time with my children is something that got squeezed out of our daily schedule.  Sonlight allows me to homeschool my kids by incorporating quality family time doing something I love.  I believe it not only fosters a love for books in my children, but a love of being together as a family. 

2.  Fewer Workbooks.  I love the idea of teaching Bible, History, Geography, Literature, and even Language Arts through reading and discussion.  It keeps my kids more interested and means less grading for me!  We do supplement with Wordly Wise, but that's a far cry from the many workbook-intensive homeschool curricula on the market.

3.  Multi-level homeschooling.  This is something I've only recently learned about and Kimberly at Raising Olives has devoted several posts to the whys and hows of multi-level homeschooling.  I love that Sonlight allows my 3 school-age children (11, 9, and 7) to study the same thing.  Multi-level homeschooling has practical advantages such as getting to purchase fewer homeschool resources and streamlining my school prep time and scheduling, but even more importantly my kids do school together for the majority of our subjects.  

So head on over to Kimberly's Sonlight review and $50 giftcard giveaway and enter for a chance to win. 

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  1. Thanks for adding your thoughts [smile]. Reading together as a family was definitely a highlight in our house too!




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